Tom Needs to Learn Basketball – Parks and Recreation


Tom (Aziz Ansari) gets Andy (Chris Pratt) and Ben (Adam Scott) to teach him basketball so he can relate to his Rent-A-Swag clients.

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From Emmy Award-winning executive producers Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, “Parks and Recreation” is a hilarious ensemble comedy that follows Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), a mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana, and her tireless efforts to make her quintessentially American town just a little bit more fun.

Tom Needs to Learn Basketball – Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

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  1. Joe Fung says

    who caught the ball in that last shot? They seem to tall to be the blonde haired kid. Is it one of the camera crew?

  2. Feride ً says


  3. Pinz n Pinsetters says

    1:48 Wheres your left hand?

  4. Alex Mueller says

    1:47 Kid gotta go up with the left there smh

  5. Elephant Grass says

    “It’s not fair. I feel like everyone should be the same size”. Well if you peacefully protest enough you can force the NBA bend the knee. You just might have a chance to play shorty!

  6. mcuPisces610 says

    “well you suck at being polite sir”

  7. a&g skateboarding says

    Tom: "Did I do Basketball?"

  8. Mark David says

    I like it when his phone breaks. 🤣

  9. Simon Ntonifor says

    I forgot how fat Pratt used to be

  10. Serena Koehler says

    Ben wearing safety goggles to play basketball 😭😭 I love him so much

  11. Joshua Logan says

    at least tom has normal eyebrows

  12. GreenGiant says

    Suck a poor actors..

  13. Gabriel Mitchell says

    I finally figured out why high school gyms have that padding! (Other than running as fast as you can and jumping at them)

  14. Vishal Das says

    Little did the three kids know that they were playing basketball with a future Avenger/Guardian of the Galaxy

  15. Jon Rob says

    Andy setting a pick is hilarious

  16. night mode says

    This trio should've filmed more scenes together.

  17. Rebecca Rich says

    What a strange group of people to be playing sports together

  18. Sam Souyave-Murphy says

    Please do a ‘Rent a Swag’ compilation!

  19. Matthew Adam says

    I can’t believe Chris Pratt can play soccer and football but not basketball

  20. Jovan Valdez says

    I love that we seethjs unexpected side of Ben where it's suddenly revealed that he knows about basketball

  21. Nobody says

    Oh man chris really let himself go back then

  22. I'm Just Saiyan says

    Looks like quill ate that one sandwich

  23. Land 360 says

    The mans a parks and rec legend

  24. The Evil Ascot Company says

    It beggars belief that Tom, who's so obnoxiously into urban culture, would know nothing about basketball.

  25. Llama Plays says


  26. Fatema Zohra says

    How many times has Andy gotten a concussion?

  27. Ashcool says

    I feel like Ben was kind of shoehorned into this sequence. There is literally no other episode where he expresses even a remote interest in sports and all of a sudden he's coaching basketball because he likes statistics?

  28. Wayne Rembert says

    The small kid's reflexes are off the starts.

  29. Matthew Adam says

    That kid is Kyrie Irving and Chris is like Stephen Curry.

  30. Gee Jiv says

    Chris Pratt was so fat… 🤣🤣🤣Makes me feel human and have hope again… Munchmunch

  31. The Screenslaver says

    Tom is LITERALLY like me when I try to play sports.

  32. roguishpaladin says

    Do you think those kids now say to themselves, "Hey, remember that time I played 3 on 3 with overweight Star Lord"?

  33. Raghav Sharma says

    Am I the only one who absolutely hated Tom?

  34. Cris says

    Star lord lookin a bit round

  35. Jack Taylor says

    “Well you suck at being polite, sir”

  36. True Blue Ryu says

    1:32 needs to be a meme template

  37. Adam McArdle says

    Which came first, this scene or the one from The Big Bang Theory where they can't play basketball?

  38. Nico Robin says

    Chris and Aziz don't even look like the same species when you put them up next to each other on the court. One's like two feet taller and twice as wide. Bless that little guy, though. He has treated all our selves.

  39. David Russ says

    One of my favorite Tom episodes for sure

  40. Syntaxus Dogmata says

    "Did I do basketball?"

  41. Chobbledocker says
  42. Janet Snakehole-Macklin says

    I would pay a million pounds to see a basketball game with Tom, Ben and Andy

  43. Pony Stark says

    I think Chris Pratt really almost hits Adam Scott twice with the basketball

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