Top 10 Gameboy Advance Games


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First off in this Top 10! No remakes! Sorry guys, as much as I love Pokemon Fire Red and those Mario games, we’re talking strictly Gameboy Advanced titles. There’s a lot of options out there with the Gameboy Advanced and then the Gameboy Advanced SP that made some of the best handheld games of the time. Let me know what Gameboy Advanced games you would add to this list!

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Let me know what you thought about my Top 10 Gameboy Advanced Games!

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  1. TheManOfCotton says

    EA, Shame on you!

  2. Azreow says

    There was a 3rd Golden Sun on the DS.

  3. Samuel Coppens says

    It's incredibly hard to make a top ten list for GBA, for me personally. I grew up with Game Boys and no tv, and GBA was my firtst own system, which I saved years for (and even got caught trying to steal one from a store one day). Superstar Saga, Yoshi's Island, Minish Cap, Advance Wars series, FF Tactics, Drill Dozer (much later, never came out in Europe as far as I know), Boktai, Golden Sun series, Ecks vs Sever 1 & 2, Wario Ware (Twisted is my favourite, but I only got that much later as it never came out in Europe)… But also my first experience with Max Payne, Rainbow Six Rogue Spear, Doom series, Kill.Switch, Payback, Broken Sword, and some of the greatest Nintendo first party earlier home console games ported over. And everything even remotely 3D was incredible to me, even though now I appreciate the beautiful spritework from back then much more. And I'm sure I'm currently forgetting some great games I had an awesome time with… Or unofficial releases, like Mother 3.

  4. MuteKrabby says

    there IS a Golden Sun 3.

  5. ImLambo says

    Video begins: 3:20

  6. The Masterpiece says

    You gotta Love Wario because he puts the wa in wanderful ( WARIO WILL SHOW YOU FUN)

  7. Jorge Mena says

    OT: Tamashi?

  8. SHAGUAR says


  9. Darian Plamondon says

    The completionist should really do fire emblem three houses

  10. Adam Mickel says

    I thought he will mention megaman battle network series

  11. Daniel Barreiras says

    Are those 64 boxes back there originals? 😮

  12. The Last Wind Waker says

    Sonic Advance was my jam back in the day, and the sequels only made things better. I feel like they get ignored when people gush over Mania and call it "the Sonic 4 we never got" or whatever.

  13. jms6498 says

    Hell yeah! Tactics advance was definitely dope. I think I got stuck tho between missions where I couldn’t move forward with any progress. Idk fun either way

  14. poderx says

    Ahhhh, GoldenSun…. Both games were amazing…the DS one didn´t win me, sadly, but it was good… Some day it will return, I hope…

  15. Stephen Aremu says

    Complilationist you should the wario gba or the gamecube version

  16. Stephen Aremu says

    Mr.c if you are reviewing a wario ware witch one are going choose

  17. sam? says

    aria of sorrow was fun until you got laevitein, the weapon that kinda just breaks the game

  18. Verity says

    Surprised Metroid Fusion wasn't higher

  19. 이인호 says

    Golden Sun 1 and 2 are my best GBA games.

  20. Starkillerapollo156 says

    Can we all have a moment of silence for alphadream,the amazing developers behind mario and luigi 🙁

  21. John Ross Du says

    nostalgia for me playing this games during my college years…and it sucks when the battery of the cartridge your playing,is out and the save file becomes corrupted or erased….you have to start over again ?

  22. dengitpeter says

    Has Advance war music in the beginning…..doesnt put it in the list…..

  23. Cheef Sosa says

    If a mega man game not here imma dislike

  24. Pierce Lawless says

    Metal Slug AdvanceAstro Boy Omega FactorGunstar Super HeroesTeenage Muntant Ninja Turtles (2007)Street Fighter Zero 3King of Fighters EX2Castlevania (All 3 of them)Mega Man Zero (All 4 of them)Final Fight OneDouble Dragon AdvanceSonic Advance (All 3 of them)Advance Guardian HeroesSuper Ghouls and Ghosts

  25. Jay Doherty says

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is fascinating to me… because I DON’T like it much. The addition of races on the surface would have appealed to me, but then races had different class trees and I couldn’t make the races I wanted the classes I wanted. I also wasn’t a fan of the story, and I ended up dropping the game entirely shortly after it introduced the laws mechanic. It’s always funny to me that so many people love that game, but despite being someone that will openly GUSH about the original FFT, it just want for me. Like I said, it always just fascinated me, no disrespect, just personal preference.

  26. Jacob Ferguson says

    There is a Golden Sun 3! On the DS and well, I loved it!

  27. Rodrigo Nascimento says

    Megaman battle network deserved a mention at least in this list you could have paired it with megaman zero

  28. Rhajade Scarlett says

    My favorites r pokemon Ruby n Sapphire n yu gi ho eternal duelist soul

  29. Osi777gt says

    countdown starts at 3:20

  30. Tymothy Leong says

    Good Choice. GBA is my favorite handheld. Anyway, I prefer Tactic Orge than FFA

  31. Blind Lazarillo says

    The fact Advance Wars isn’t on here upsets me.

  32. Gregory Terry says

    Donkey Kong king of swing was really a fun surprise. There isn't really anything like it once you get the hang of the controls.

  33. Grandmaster B says

    GBA graphics are the best graphics ever! They really should do GBA online service on Switch

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