Top 10 greatest martial arts actors ever ! ( part 2 )


Martial Arts
Best Actors
This is my personnal opinion !

Tracklist :

Fairy Tail Epic Theme (Hip Hop Remix)

Rae Sremmurd – Black Beatles Instrumental


Ip Man 2 Rap Beat

futur mask off – saxophone cover

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  1. Abdou Chabani says

    Scott Adkins the best

  2. Sergio Aragon says

    Donnie yens ip man was a masterpiece.

  3. Sergio Aragon says

    Jean Claude is a beast.

  4. Taoro Strickland says

    Chur chur… Awwwesome !

  5. Shova Sharma says

    When Donnie yen comes at 3 the timing is just unreal !! Perfect !! ?

  6. Jimi speed says

    Tony Jaa's fight was so fluid

  7. Top Stars says

  8. Siddharth Malhotra says

    Donnie Jason Jean Claude jet Lee jackievchan Bruce Lee is my fav and Vidyut Jamwal from india too

  9. Winnie The Pooh says

    i respect your opinion but there is one HUGE flaw, Why Isn't ip man on this list

  10. phuoc tran says

    1 Thailand (6)1 Belgium (9)2 English (7,5)3 American (10,8)4 Chinese ( 4,3,2,1)

  11. adam Messi says

    In love Scott Atkins (boyka)

  12. Syed Muneer says

    Bruce Lee is a legend forever no one can replace him

  13. albert tom says

    I think scott adkins can knock em all out

  14. bakali81 says

    Bruce Lee is an everlasting Legend


    If fight happens in real life who will win… Scott adkins vs. Bruce lee

  16. pranshu pandit says

    Vidyut jamwal

  17. Eãgle Khan Real Pathan says

    My Favorite.Donnie Yen and Micheal Jai White. Fight style of these two is different I love both??

  18. Rodney Allen says

    They always put Bruce Lee first, he's awesome, but he doesn't have that many movies. The actor who's been in the game the longest and fought the most variety of opponents is Jackie Chan, hands down! But this is a great list.

  19. Harris Marcera says

    Tony Jaa can easily kick butt! This is why he is my favorite????

  20. Feysall Cadde says

    why kanue reevens with his gun doent include here???

  21. Balbirsingh Momi says

    There is an Indian martial artist vidyut jammliwala

  22. youcef DeepDS says

    Top 3 starts when my favourit music drops

  23. Doha Vlog says

    Who else should be No. 1 the legend only – Bruce Lee … respects to the legend ….

  24. youcef DeepDS says

    This list is nicely done i could only add the legend of boxing Mike Tyson and Benny the jet

  25. Mat-an Mhar says

    Very nice music

  26. Mat-an Mhar says

    Bruce lee is the god And the king of martial arts and no one can bit him she ded but she is still legend

  27. Pratap Shri says

    Top martial artists in movies all time1. Bruce Lee ( freak )2.jackie chan 3. Donny yen ( pure speed ) 4. Tony Jaa ( coz he can fly)5. Bruce khan ( best pair of legs ) 6. Scott Adkins ( fastest guy with that much hight and muscle)7. Michael jay white8.That little guy from Raid9. Iko uwais

  28. Pace Mytics says

    1:11 was on time with the beat

  29. Suraj Dhanawade says

    We all knew who's no.1 just came to have a look on others.

  30. samar biswas says

    Jakiey chan

  31. Aj Nias says

    Jet li

  32. Anakin Skywalker says

    Why is Keanu Reeves not on here. I know he would be super high elite on the list. His use of weaponry and actual gun knowledge in Hollywood, probably. He is insane at that but martial arts wise. He actually know Jiu Jitsu, Judo the most but also knows, freestyle wrestling, and some krav maga. Like he actually knows them too so like i mean at least be on the list lol

  33. Cosme García says

    Scorpion's super move: Toasty!.Ryu's super move: Metsu Shoryuken.Chuck Nurry's super move: Car Dropkick.

  34. antonio camacho says

    Where is Benny "The Jet" Urquidez? He should be Top 5. This List should be:1)Bruce Lee 2)Jackie Chan 3)Donnie Yen 4)Chuck Norris 5)Benny Urquidez 6)Tony Jaa 7)Jean Claude Van Damm

  35. antonio camacho says

    Chuck Norris #10??? Jason Stratham #7??? Chuck will pulverize Jason in seconds. Chuck should be #4, right after Donnie, Jackie, & Bruce.

  36. Infant Fernandes says

    Revelation Fact: Jet li joined Shaolin at 8 completed his training at 16 and learned more than 10 different martial arts styles and won 15 gold medals in a real fight.

  37. Adam Zahid says

    My top 3Wesley snipesScott adkinsDonnie yen

  38. Kishan Prasad says

    Only bruce lee

  39. Zawadi Mteleke says

    Makin sana man Chii

  40. Kuba says

    Jet li and bruce lee the best

  41. aryan kala says

    fairy tail theme makes it even more baddasss to be honest this theme and video is the one who introduced me to fairy tail and anime, ????????? i am glad that i watched it

  42. Lutfun Nahar says

    Bruce Lee , the king of martial arts


    Chuk norris,, Mark the name,,, after bruce lee ,, he is the person ,,,great video,, enjoyed the fighting scenes,,, Yuri Boyka's personal fan

  44. Ge Vang says

    what ! where Johnny Tri Nguyen with is beautiful kick and Hiroyuki Sanada (roaring fire,the last samurai,sankukai…)he is the legende .

  45. bảo lai phan says

    Hay cho quản cáo :v

  46. Ruženka Szucs says

    Benny THE JET Urguidez how????????

  47. BUGOY PLANAS says

    Ok yan

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