Top 10 Martial Arts Movie Fights


No matter how many weapons you have in your arsenal, you cannot ever forget about your fists. From Donnie Yen to Bruce Lee, we’ve compiled a list of the best martial arts fight scenes from movies that will surely give you an adrenaline rush
This list is just my opinion so feel free to let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below.
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  1. The TV Regent says

    Comment below your favourite fight!

  2. Jason Pate says

    Nothing from Drunken Master 2? Every fight in that movie was beyond EPIC.

  3. Saku Nakumi says

    The only classic marital arts I ever watched was only the bruce lee movies and tv shows he was in biggest fan of Bruce lee yet

  4. J-Luxe -But you can call Me Ralph says

    Asians for life

  5. Der YT-Horrorkanal says

    Awesome!Thank you!

  6. LadyCoffeeCandy says

    4:16 Omg, i saw this movie. I remember how unrealistic kung fu there sometimes, because they are flyingXD P.s Sorry my english:'>

  7. Alphahydro says

    Best fight scene hands down is the final fight scene in Buddhist Fist.

  8. L9ino L9ino says

    You talk too much buddy

  9. Santiago Roa says

    The best part is when you don't speak.

  10. Emjay Agree says

    The night comes for us

  11. Emjay Agree says

    The raid 2

  12. Tanner Schelle says

    I liked the list

  13. xavier smith says

    Narrator please shut the fuck up!!!!!

  14. subz Anderson says

    The final fight scene in ong bak 2 is way better than your no1 pick by far

  15. Al ex says

    The best non Asian martial arts fighter is probably Jason Bourne.

  16. HeX productions says

    This deserves more likes

  17. Stunz Gold says

    What was the movie when he carried a bag everytime he fought

  18. KURTHAN says

    Bruce Lee and Russian Fighter (Fist of fury)

  19. M Awais says

    it didn't include the final fight of kung fu jungle (ip man 4) donnie yen Vs fongueo sau which is the one of the best longest and deadliest fight between too most skill full martial artists

  20. TheOtherOne says

    Every fight in both Raid films is perfect.

  21. DB1972 says

    Old Boy

  22. Infinite Reality says

    You forgot about steven seagal

  23. Sanjeewa Amarasekara says

    bruce and chuck fight

  24. Shaurav Rai says

    Wow I thought I was the only one who knew about all these amazing fight scenes from foreign films. Hollywood needs to bring fight scenes like these to their big screen

  25. Akife Xudiyeva says

    My favourite Scott Adkins

  26. andrei15 says

    The Raid is my favorite

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