Top 10 NEW Xbox Series X Games From The Xbox Event [4K Video]


Xbox and Microsoft held an event announcing Xbox Series X and PC games for the next generation. Here we break down every NEW game announced.
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  1. MrBeast 2.0 says

    Why not GTA 6

  2. Harry Hanjob says

    Stalker 2 <3

  3. enemay says

    Avowed looks like a VR game

  4. Yago Soroka says

    Gonna wait for Forza Horizon 5, I hope Halo has taught them something and I hope they include split screen in games like forza horizon 5 or future ones.

  5. axel larsen says

    man I hope state of decay 3 has something to in it it is not enough to have randomly generatd side quests and destroy 10 plague hearts……..also I hope fable has gameplay quality of fable 2 the feel of fable 1 and non of the innovation of fable 3 (that game was just straight piss, no lists? what were they thinking?).

  6. Abel Mendoza-Logan says

    Ok I'm so getting as dusk falls

  7. ManojKumar Badiger says

    Why is the outro laging ?

  8. OFFR04D says

    Damn that cute fairy got destroyed!

  9. Rougejedi 66 says

    Im gonna guess whats number one fable probably

  10. Jordy J says

    I know there were a few disappointments from the event like the old halo gameplay and the many cinematic trailer but good god I feel like people aren’t giving Microsoft at least some of the credit they deserve. This lineup of exclusives is genuinely amazing in my opinion. We got the traditional heavy hitters like halo and forza along with new ip’s and returning favorites. If given time and resources games like Avowed, Fable, SOD 3 and Hellblade 2 could be genuine 9 or 10/10 games. The exclusives lineup compared to even 2 years ago is miles better and I feel they should be given props for that even if they did let us down gameplay wise

  11. dave flounders says

    Is there 10 games to choose from the reveal

  12. T 2drippy says

    People are not even arguing about xbox and playstation. Now people are arguing about xbox and pc. Microsoft makes both so what's the point of arguing

  13. Bradley Kater says

    None of these games are worth trading my ps4 in for this console

  14. Tamil Commentry says

    What about gears of war

  15. Inkblup Dubs says

    Why does gunk is getting so much hate??? Its looks so amazing,not everything is gonna be realistic yknow

  16. Marcus Wilson says

    Avowed should be number 2

  17. BlueDragon601 says

    Top 10 new pc/Xbox games *

  18. C C says

    I like the new games on xbox. Avowed, stalker2, darktide, ori2, gears5, the medium, observer, state of decay, fs2020, hellblade2 in 2021/2022. Squadrons, valhalla forza , fable, lot of good indie games and a lot more nearly 90 games. We have to be patient. Game are coming and the one in 2021 will be xbox series exclusive (and pc) but take time to do. I am sure xbox series x will be an incredible machine and it look nicer and fit in my closet for my cinema room

  19. bojack h says

    The biggest mistake I made was getting a ps4 over a xbox one

  20. JSN CHRIS says

    Can smone plz tell me wht song was playing from 2:22 I've been looking for it for sm time

  21. Aaron S says

    Are these gonna be series exclusive?

  22. duck davis says

    Very disappointing in the games at Launch day

  23. Greystorm 301 says

    As long as it's on PC, I will never get an xbox. The perfect blend is PC, PS5 and a switch.

  24. Ethan Proskow says

    wow, tetris. I cannot wait for the next generation of x-box. I'll give them S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 though, but even then I feel like the best combo is a pc and ps4. Best luck to the game devs though, can't wait to see what the next decade of entertainment brings

  25. Dr Ghost says

    The only reason I get excited for Xbox event more than PS is that at least I will be able to play all these games on my PC at 144 fps which is something I can't say before going into PS events even though the exclusives that PS have are way better and it hurts me and my RTX that I won't be able to see those games flourish at 144 fps and get restricted to 60… smh

  26. Joe Erigo says

    FAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Hugo-G12 says


  28. Max Johnson says

    If Microsoft makes that new batman game an xbox exclusive then they could have a chance

  29. Mrorangechair32 yee says

    Avowed takes place in the same world as the pillars of eternity

  30. Girl Gadot says

    Xbox is actually making it a tough choice on the next gens with their exclusives.

  31. EMYHR says

    Not as exciting as the PS5 reveal I gotta say. That Ratchet and Clank game looked Next Gen but I’m not getting Next Gen from this Lineup

  32. Kai Ulbricht says

    Xbox ? Forever ✌️ Peace from Germany ??

  33. Syed Saim says

    Disappointing console useless titles

  34. Prez Mil says

    Stopped video at Tetris ??‍♂️ ✌?

  35. мафиози мафиозович says

    Из нормальных игр тут толькоСталкер, привет сосед ииии… Все!?

  36. Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw says

    I still never played state of decay 2!

  37. Filip Stević says

    Top 10 PC* games

  38. André Gamer says

    Super excited for tetris effect running at 120 fps. Best game of the showcase

  39. Jesse Kohler says

    How about Forza releases the next Horizon game…

  40. rez mex says

    Xbox live free……?

  41. Mattyhens 123 says

    My PC is sweating profusely right now.

  42. UbiGamers Kentang says

    Apparently,good exclusive games and Xbox just doesn't go along well

  43. Mark Dul says

    Stalker 2s map look like gillies out

  44. FRANKY GAMING says

    How to download this games

  45. issaciams says

    That Fable trailer was NOT light hearted! That fucking toad ate a pretty fairy! What's light hearted about that?? It seemed dark to me.

  46. harveyscott says

    WOW!!! most of the games sucks!

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