Top 10 Worst Rules of Cricket || क्रिकेट के सबसे बुरे नियम


top 10 bad , secret and worst rules in cricket history , you don’t know before this video
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    number 2,3 rule was very bad but 4 is sahi becaus e extra ball bhai 5 rule is good bhai ap hi batao ke bail hoti kis waja se hai but match wo wala na karwate 6 rule is good because 2nd pitch ball wo wal bowler ke haath se souctt ta hai number 7 rule is good bhai 8 rule is good bro ap batao ke kabhi aisa huwa ke double strike howa ho nahi na number 9 bhai ap batao ke agar batsman pehle hi half crease tek pohash jaye tu wo jaldi runs bana sekta hai sahi kaha mein ne reply zaroor kerna or han 10 rule agar fielder cap throw ker ke bowl ushale tu wo catch asani se pakar sakta hai is tarhan tu sab fielder aise hi catch pakreh bro reply zarrror kerna

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