Top 11 Best ACTION RPG Android/iOS Games 2020 #4


New best action RPG For android & iphone 2020 part 4 l VinIsHere

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This is part 4, All new action RPGs!
*Moonrise arena & Fate/Extella works offline rest will require internet connection to play.

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*Some of these are in beta I have given my website link above for those in order to help you download & play.

Following are the games name & links:-

1)Date A Live (English Release):-

2)Guardian Odyssey:- (For Android links & info visit my webpage below):-

3)Inyusha Awakening:- (Android & iOS):-

4)Blade X Lord:-

5)Lostlands:- I recorded this a week & just noticed beta ended.. well I’ll keep you guys notified

6)Moonrise Arena:-

7)Genshin Impact:- Officiallly announced game will release before October this year! I’ll update

8)Fate/Extella (paid & currently soft-launched in Japan, sequel “Fate/Extella” also available, global ver coming soon):-

9)Shadow Knight (Released Version):-

10)Grand Alliance:- (Android & iOS ):-

11)Under Oath:- I played it like a week ago beta ended on 24th, its coming soon I’ll keep you guys notified

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  1. Arsenal Arsoona says

    I have cleaned my storage10 gbJust for genshin

  2. Ramsarup Singha Mahapatra 10 E says

    I have review for you….. You do a great job but it would be better if add your voice or speak out than it would be great for the veiwer. Thank you ❤


    Nice video! We like watching videos like this! 2020 is gonna be an epic year for mobile games! You can also check our first mobile game, Cube Hunters Arena!

  4. SLA DE says

    Are these online or offline subbed sub to me 2

  5. Dark Cloud says

    10:14 that's too good for a mobile game's animation. I wonder if it has its own anime series

  6. derakino999 says

    Where's the gif from ?

  7. Samuru Sama says

    Don't forget to check guardian tales~

  8. Weiss Schnee says

    Genshin is lookin hot

  9. Hikari Hakai says

    threre is also Fate Extella Link i think

  10. tommyZ _YTgaming says

    Are they offline??

  11. Hein Sat says

    I can't download Fate extella

  12. RyuBkz says

    I need jrpg

  13. Games Alert says

    Nice ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Keep it up

  14. Adam Levine says

    Vinsishere:- with a awesome content video!Playstore/appstore:- yeah we are ready!My internet data pack:- So, you have choose death?.

  15. yasir mustfa says

    I will wait for under oath I hope it will have English language Besides genshin impact ofc

  16. BolBol Gaming says

    RIP to 2 -3 gb ram

  17. Jane Kaido says

    10:20 cute ?

  18. Muhammed Samed Özcan says

    Ya abi TÜRK VARMI

  19. zack cloud says

    I want to download under oath

  20. JetstreamXi says

    That under oath looks sick

  21. RaMBoT _14o says

    Genshin impact is the best

  22. Jaunor says

    i highly recommend Night Agent, ive been playing it for a few days and is really nice

  23. John Henry says

    I can't wait for Genshin Impact.

  24. Izzat Jat says

    Online or offline

  25. Amir Gaming says

    Whoa All of this game truly masterpiece ❤️? I must try it asap! #ThanksForSharingThis #Vins

  26. mochammad sri ajie says

    Guardian of odyssey is just like iron blade, android version of shadow of mordor too bad both of them didn't have an analog where you can move your char as your will

  27. Rogan says

    I can't wait to test Genshin. Also Inuyasha? I'm pleased to see my childhood's anime is still on the scene ?

  28. José Itamar says

    Date a live spirit pledge english release and fate extella link english release

  29. YXZ says


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