Top 15 Best Survival Games for Android & iOS 2020 | Top 10 Survival Games for Android


Hey Welcome Back Guys Today we have Top 15 Best new Survival Games for Android & iOS of 2020 in which most are Online & Offline Games, In this list we also included High Graphics Survival Games for Android & iOS, In these Games you have to Survive on Survival land where you have to Build your own shelter, hunt animals & gather the resources like food, wood, rocks, metal etc, which will help you to Survive in the game,

Desert Skie541mb | online s

Terraria Android:-

ocean is home

Utopia: Origin

X survive

Steven Seagal’s

Survive together zombie MMO

iOS:-Coming soon

Fallout Shelter online

The Escapists 2


Dark Days

Radiation island

Last Day Rules: Survival
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  1. Vincent Cardona says

    Last Day on Earth will always top some of these knock-offs. Except for Frostborn which is developed by the same creator of LDOE

  2. Soso SLOOM says

    Fallout shletr is offline

  3. Jerm D says

    last day rules/last island of survival….nuff said

  4. Aleksandar Ilic says

    Almost all pay to win that's not a survival game that's bull shit

  5. Vojta Stepan says

    The Last has animations stolen from pubg

  6. BobbyStream12 Bob says

    10:8 aquasheep

  7. gamer gamer001 says

    Bro good is durango too

  8. Noobmaster 626 says

    Everything is incompatible with my device

  9. Rishikesh Jadhav says

    L.O.S.T is not available in INDIA

  10. Damas MS says

    Most of the games you posted are retatred games!!

  11. Luguru says

    LIfeAfter is the best game on this list and Should be number 1. Didn't believe me come see my content I make me stream on my channel

  12. Luguru says

    Last day rules sucks horribly. Don't download it at all. It's definitely not number 1 . The people on it are trash and the game mechanics are fuckin Terrible

  13. Ray Playzgamez says

    This guys grammar burns my brain cells

  14. the BosnianShow says

    Who the frick put terraria in 13.

  15. Leon Childs says

    I'm looking out for a game like arma 3 or dead side for android I'm a pc player I play life after and cod mobile on my phone Im just waiting for that arma 3 dead side cross game so if you can find 1 like that please let me know and make a video of it thank you..

  16. Ali Wardhana says

    Hmmm this video make me want to back into the world of Rust lol

  17. unknown player says

    To bad didn't say minecraft

  18. Ewor sabarre says

    Frostborn arent available to me ;( pls can someone help if there way to get free

  19. Sharmane Naupan says

    What is a. Title. Survival

  20. 999 BBi says

    I'm from turkey 🇹🇷

  21. GEØ GAMING Ŝ says

    can I play lifeafter in online ?

  22. brianoconner20 says

    there r so many knockoffs of LLOsurvival its pathetic but imo LLOS is #1

  23. King Of Focus says

    Im watching your video from 2015

  24. levi Ackerman says

    Life after is full of bugs if you feel same hit like

  25. ꧁ ローレンス ꧂ says

    Utopia origin best scammer:ign:KapitanTiago

  26. TipsyG Revenge says

    Thank you for putting Last Island Of Survival on Top1

  27. ŃĘŁŠØŃ says

    im glad terraria is here

  28. Laurent Spatola says

    what device do u play on cause it looks like there are frame rate drops

  29. Mantas The Foxy says

    Why is ark survival evolved not on this list doe

  30. HainesGamingYT says

    Look, to all the people saying he isn’t talking rightIt’s because he isn’t the actual channel ownerThere’s someone behind the scenes, (who probably doesn’t know good english) that writes all the commentary, and sends it to someone who is probably paid to read it off, the real owner probably doesn’t even speak English and just translates to English, which usually does get buggy with plural words

  31. Ralph John Tuscano says

    Why are these 2d game has so much big MB's

  32. Aj Plays says

    This comment sponsored by ME I legit have all these freaking games and I need new one 🙁

  33. Neostar Matter says

    Having terraria so low on tje list triggers me so hard

  34. Luminous -21 says

    last day rules is dead guys don't even think to install it the game is unfair its a pay to win game for now and fps drop on bigbases will make you lag so much

  35. MZN 47 says

    Fallout shelter is not more than 400mb And it's offline

  36. VeryEmotionallyBrokenGuy says

    Last day rules is just rust

  37. zack johnson says

    ark mobile ?

  38. Shovon Sarkar says

    Utopia is still the most exciting and fun survial game of our time

  39. Flanimations says

    Me:Whoa its minecraft cant believe he has diamond axeMe again:*Notices there are guns*Down to top:You gud bro?Me:*Notices the name is ocean of life* Me again:Ok i will just look at the names before saying anything

  40. Ausländerr says

    Ocean is home has the sounds from Far Cry 1.

  41. John Cuno says

    No game LifeAfter is jn game full of LAG and p2w there is no free to play

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