Top 20 of The best Martial Arts Actors ( Part 1 )


This Video completes the previous one .
With 20 (actors/actresses)
Its’s about Skillls + Notoriety

intro :
Naruto Shippuden OST 1 – Track 18 – Hyakkaryouran

Honorable mentions :
N.E.R.D & Rihanna – Lemon [Instrumental]

Era Istrefi – “Redrum” Acoustic Instrumental + Lyrics

Post Malone – Hit this hard (instrumental)

Asian Trap Beat Instrumental

Steve Winwood – Higher Love 12″ Instrumental

Thanks For Watching !

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  1. Eddy Rod says

    now days neo gives me an impression of a chienese sifu like IP Man because of the outfit

  2. emiliano terriquez says

    stopped watching as soon as i saw steven seagal higher than….well anybody before him on this list. like seriously you gonna put him higher than sammo hung.

  3. Joe says

    steven seagal is a fraud at best

  4. Rodney Allen says

    The ranking of this list is contingent on the choice clips of movies that is shown.

  5. luis alejandro says

    Movies mame?

  6. ZEARO Gaming says

    Where the fuck is Bruce lee

  7. iko Uwais says

    I like iko Uwais ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  8. Renz Quin says

    why they wouldn't include the girl in the Thai movie entittled "CHOCOLATE"? and also the 3 girls in the movie "SO CLOSE"?

  9. Leo Langat Maina says

    steven seagal ain't shit

  10. Blu Skye says

    You lost me when Seagal was on the list.

  11. Paul David Mercurio says

    I like ip man or donnie yen and bruce lee they are much stronger than any master and grandmasters

  12. Armando Gregorio says

    You should remove no 11 ???

  13. Ice Lemons Tea says

    do u forget… suzuran…

  14. Thanuj Chan says

    The moment when keanu reeves scenes started , he played starboy? bgm

  15. Azim Zainal Official says

    The Matrix my childhood movie ???❤

  16. Infant Fernandes says

    Really segal over sammo hung… What are you smoking. He should be in the honourable list

  17. Mikail last life says

    Bruce willis,Rambo.

  18. Smiles. says

    Steven Seagal is even worse

  19. Smiles. says

    Keanu alone spoil the whole list?

  20. Daniel Sembrana says

    john wick!!!!

  21. Shunta Jones says


  22. ajeesh ka says

    iko uwais

  23. chidera ejike says

    Tiger chen??

  24. Infinite Reality says

    Best fight scene

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