Top 20 Pokemon Unova Music


Please enjoy this Top 20 which took me 10 months to make. Skip to the #10 spot if you don’t have time to watch the whole video 🙂


Some footage is by MunchingOrange and Marriland 🙂

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  1. Luka Boyd says

    Who's watching this after the Gen 5 music memes and just loving it

  2. Baby Yoda Is God. says

    The Ghetsis theme is saying "Menace"

  3. lucio banaga says

    Hell yea love for Hugh!

  4. Super Nerd Seismitoad says


  5. Pantha says

    The ending music tho. It's very touching.

  6. Bhutch600 says

    I think Gen 5 is much more loved now. People are realizing that the DS Pokémon games were the last ones worth playing 🙁 I like Gen 6 for the Gen 3 remakes and I don’t care for Gen 7 at all. Sword could have been so much better, but oh well I guess.

  7. Katherine Grebenc says

    Gen 5 good, gen six bad, give me likes. For real though, gen six sucks ?

  8. DCK says

    Starting a fuxking list the best?Thats the worst idea.The fucking worst

  9. Renzeli 2221 says

    What about villager bridge

  10. Nero Redmond says

    When a gym leader is on their final Pokémon:Gen 8: cheering gets slightly differentGen 5: pure bliss & hope

  11. Rottweiler Zach says

    I am so glad this was the first pokemon game I played!

  12. Calamitoso 00 says

    What about the gym theme of pokemon black and white 2

  13. Potato Muncher says

    I was getting goosebumps through the whole video cause gen 5 was my first gen

  14. Alexis Garcia says

    This game had the best storyline and sound tracks. To this day there hasn't been a proper sequel to this. It was the first Pokemon game where it wasn't about catching them all, and also made it so that your losses and wins mattered towards the storyline. The ending was amazing and completely unexpected since I went there with the mentality of fighting Alder, not team plasma.

  15. Joki says

    Ok so Idk y I came back to this video but I did and I’m from New York so when he said unova is based on New York I was like “ah yes now I remember the great New York desert also known as upstate when it’s not baseball season”

  16. Gray Wolf says

    Gen 5 was outta this world

  17. Minuner says

    The end credit theme from bw is so underrated im beyond happy to see it at number 1 :,)

  18. TheR1ght 1 says

    Where is low hp theme that shit always fucking hyped me up.

  19. NIGHTTSHIFT Ex says

    I think original team plasma song is way better

  20. Raseruuu says

    What a very nice videooo!!! Brings me to tears!!! uwaah

  21. Raseruuu says

    6:14 Amerikuhh!!!

  22. Jacob Quackenbush says

    Gen 5 is lowkey one of the best generations. Amazing soundtrack, easily the best story line along with great characters. Graphics aren’t too important, but they are pretty of the only problems is that unova was the 1st Pokémon game to have a really linear map. But that’s not too bad 🙂

  23. Gaby says

    The soundtrack gave me goosebumps my guy

  24. Gaby says

    I rlly need to replay this game. Its been a long time ?

  25. Transcendence Cat says

    I really hope they would make a remake

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