TOP 3 Best Mobile Flight Simulators 2020 – iOS & Android


Today’s Video: TOP 3 Best Mobile Flight Simulators 2020 – iOS & Android


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Emil Trane
Patrick Fox
Alexander pace
Brady Brooks
T Bone
C4 Shadow
CannedPig TV
Tushar Agarwal
Cebu 516
F. E kohlbrenner
TheBest RBLX
Tim Kluttig
Ethan Glucroft
weebletter weed
Manuel Salmun


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  1. PilotLogan12 Aviation Videos and playlists says

    What about RFS!!! It has all that IF has but for only $4.99 a month

  2. Anton GAMING says

    Swiss001: it’s hard to put all airports of the worldMicrosoft flight simulator 2020: let me introduce myself

  3. Steven Leonardy says

    The funny thing is x-plane 10 mobile have the worst rating in play store compared another flight sim in this video, only 3.6 stars. More funny thing is RFS, which is not included in this video, have best rating in both play store & app store than flight sims in this video.

  4. Aviationgeek says

    Greetings from switzerland. Im living in Zürich

  5. Aviationgeek says

    For Switzerland???

  6. Reese Boutin says

    Ok Swiss I love planes I hate allegent air it sucks

  7. Aviation And More says

    18 minutes long jeez

  8. Luz Llanten says

    Infinite flight will always be the best of mobile sims!!

  9. Ameer A350 says

    How bout RFS?

  10. Techie-I-Am says

    Infinite flight are working on buildings and clouds

  11. Maynardplays909YT lol says

    Rfs be like outcast

  12. Dominik Stachurski says

    No rfs here, so unsub, dislike and bye

  13. Mr. Succ Gaming says

    I hope aerofly gets global multiplayer.

  14. The Gaming Rat says

    X plane i hate cuz there is no joystick

  15. Mete gameplay videos says

    Are all planes unlocked in the infinity flight?

  16. AviationMD says

    Yaaay 18 minute video!

  17. Intan Tarmizi says

    Top 3 Best Mobile Flight simulator Rfs : i cant wait for rfs gonna be in this vidSwiss didt show rfs even tho there new updateRfs : ???? did you forgot about me ??

  18. VirtualAviator 77 says

    Stinks that x planes graphics on max make things a bluish colour and the liveries aren’t nicely done on the aircraft

  19. Grapemafia says

    4:46 I see the new potato graphics have come out

  20. Marioaviation says

    That they just left out because its on mobile (interactibe cockpit btw)X plane: am I a joke

  21. Marioaviation says

    IF is $80 which is unbelievable..

  22. A singular bowl of soup says

    So RFS just doesn't exist?

  23. Gorilla Aviation says


  24. David Fong says

    I like RFS! The pro version has a fair bit of features

  25. Joshua sarmiento says

    what should I pick 1 or 2

  26. hayani makfi says

    Where is RFS is better then all games

  27. Beng Padua says

    Roblox is good

  28. Beng Padua says

    why dont u play roblox?

  29. Patrick Sammon says

    Swiss: Top 3 mobile sims for 2020. There should be a COVID sim

  30. Unknown gamer 1710 says

    Wow xp11 isn't free brah I can only fly the tiny planes

  31. Big Chungus says

    No one:Swiss001:Well that was a pretty solid crash

  32. kurnia M says

    Recomended 10/10 graphic simpleplanes

  33. Unknown gamer 1710 says

    I have to tell u this how many times u need to pay for other planes on xp11 mobile

  34. SpringBok001 says

    Aerofly FS 2020 would be top of my list if they actively developed it. Lack of regions and multiplayer bring down the rest of the app which really is fantastic with the realism and modelling. Also, GeoFS is for mobile and that isn't bad. Just not as realistic as the others, but it's cheap/free, has multiplayer and has worldwide terrain.

  35. Simple Flight says

    Please make a video about what if Ryan airs made a flight simulator

  36. Avgeek Aviation says

    Honestly Swiss! You have said RFS us the best literally 4 times, it is cheaper and with better graphics and better aircraft! To quote Swiss001 "Oh Jezus Christ!"

  37. Darwisy Amsyar says

    Hey check out the Gibraltar Airport

  38. Steven Chensich says


  39. GRD PROJEKT says

    A Swiss001 video with longer than 8 minutes of runtime is worthy to put on CuriosityStream. Maybe also Nebula.(gosh I watch too much youtubers with CuriosityStream+Nebula bundle deal ad)

  40. André Abreu says

    There is something called vatsim

  41. Let'sPlay easychrisi says

    Swiss: I don't know what US Airways A320 makes in Paris hereAlso swiss: Flies with a Alaska B737

  42. MTNDEWGUY102 says

    rfs got ruled out 🙁

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