1. kslikk34 says

    So skynet I mean Google, when are you going to make a bicycle computer?????

  2. Big Flat says

    What’s the price?

  3. DANTE TORRES says

    Waze is better on directional map. It's updated often.

  4. P E says

    Love my new Gamin Edge 130 with the remote control ?

  5. karl Lindberg says

    Which cycling computer will let you customize the race a segment page. So when your on a segment you can customize whats on the screen. REALLY WANT TO KNOW PLEASE HELP

  6. Armselmia says

    Imagine getting a "Google MAPS bicycle computer, the size of an iPhone4. I'd buy that"

  7. Ricardo edwardo says

    Garmin overpriced, unreliable and breaks. Had several Garims, 510, 810, 1030, ALL sent back to Garmin for problems. Bought an Bolt, superb, reliable and bombproof

  8. Will Taylor says

    Garmin support here in Australia is atrocious. They're about the biggest bunch of fucking arseholes I've ever dealt with (and I'm 95% confident they routinely breach multiple consumer laws here in Australia!). I simply do not understand why anyone would want to deal with these fucking arseholes. FUCK YOU GARMIN. You trash.

  9. mm walker says

    Just buy a cheap powerbank and use your phone

  10. Evelin Ferrari says

    Io ho preso il Garmin Edge 820, se vai molto in giro anche in posti sconosciuti è perfetto, ha anche il gps e la fascia cardio:https://amzn.to/2R6WIeB

  11. Mitchell S Metzger says

    Garmin 25: I used mine for over 5,000 miles and it has worked but the battery dies in less than 5 hours and if it is cold, the battery dies in about 3 hours. When you plug it in to recharge on the road using your power bank, everything goes back to zero again. Also, it is not perfect in partnership with the GarminConnect app. If your ride is longer than 3 hours, do NOT go with this model. SOLUTION: It needs to be re-engineered with a mini-USB connector port so that you can have it CONTINUALLY plugged in while you are navigating. IT does have a strange connector port but you CANNOT use the mounting bracket if you have it plugged in to your power source.

  12. Mario Camps says

    I wanted to use this medium to alert the bike community about MAGELLAN / MIO CYCLO in its entire line, if they buy that device and leave outside the area of their map, they CANNOT follow a track, nor use STRAVA LIVE even paying for example in SOUTH AMERICA where there are no maps, the device is locked to follow a WIKILOC track for example, which they do not clarify anywhere, they even cheat saying they use OpenStreetMaps use it but no one but them can use those maps that are in the public domain . Already exhausted all means and it seems that they are not willing to solve the problem.Regards, Mario Camps

  13. AWriterWandering says

    I wish Apple and Google would develop something similar to their car integration for bike computers, so we could have things like Google Maps without having to pull out our phones.

  14. TPOT says

    if google made a bike computer….

  15. Marcin Terlecki says

    I use zip ties and silicone case for my phone and attach it to my handlebars Google maps and off we go ????

  16. razorree says

    which ones offer intergration (tracks) from Trailforks and/or Strava ?

  17. ドイティンガークリスティアン says

    My phone does not have any problem with battery and is only 200 Euro 🙂 But I have problems to fix it secure on the handle bar. I already have doped it down several times. (The phone still working without problem!) If somebody does know a good handle-bar holder please advice;-) https://www.banggood.com/Ulefone-Power-5-6_0-inch-13000mAh-Wireless-Charge-6GB-RAM-64GB-ROM-MT6763-Octa-core-4G-Smartphone-p-1287016.html?rmmds=search&ID=3162&cur_warehouse=HK

  18. SnowblindOtter says

    Sorry, I think I missed the cycling computer in this lineup… all I saw were NAVIGATION COMPUTERS. It's a bicycle, not a fighter jet… if I want a navigation aid I'll take a map and strap a compass to my handlebars, I don't need a GPS signal to tell me how fast I'm moving.

  19. Jenna Olson says

    Battery life is the biggest reason to use a bike computer over a smartphone for navigation

  20. TheSogmeister says

    Whats the unit in the intro video? Surprised that isnt on the list

  21. carlos alberto says

    Hello my name is Carlos I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You could show de name of cycle computers and the site of protudcts. Thank you.

  22. fjoa123 says

    What are the best minimal speed and cadence cyclocomputers out there? Gps surely is handy, but since most phones have it already, it is just a price boost on CCs.

  23. Captainmakis 952 says

    One thing I hate about this channel : where are the MF LINKS!

  24. Brian Kelly says

    Call me ignorant, but what do the professionals use?

  25. Pady says

    And what phone app uses off-line maps? Runtastic (MountainBike), bingo! 🙂 Pay once, use years

  26. Steve K says

    I used to use a garmin GPS V about 17 years ago on a bicycle and it worked beautifully. It was easy to load routes and the monochrome screen lasted a good while. I would think they'd be much better by now. Comments here indicate otherwise and that is amazing.

  27. CustomGadget says

    Rather stick with my phone.

  28. Check6Six6 says

    Dorky having a phone on your bike? Really? Google Maps is free with your phone AND has all the bike trails overlay. I have the Samsung S9+ so it has a BIG color screen. It should be number one on your list. I use the Samsung Health app with it when I go biking. Again, it's free and it's much more user friendly and informative than Strava.

  29. Bogdan Pop says

    Hello ! Why do not Polar come in this top. It is a very good computer with no great errors, and the V650 looks really good.

  30. Mattias Bergstedt says

    800 dollar? Just buy a new phone lol

  31. Jeff says

    Wouldn't it be good if Google made a GPS cycle computer.

  32. Salty Bill says

    Just bought a Garmin, didnt want to but it works with Trailforks….do any other brands do that?

  33. Sander169 says

    Do you need a Di2 system to track RPM and KW? Or how does this work?

  34. Mike Maha-Su says

    So dont buy any. Just use ur.google lol

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