Top 5 Kepa Arrizabalaga Wonder Saves | Chelsea Tops


Here are Kepa Arrizabalagas Top 5 saves so far for Chelsea. Let us know which save you think was the best in the comments below.

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  1. Natius Agina says

    He deserve to be our 1st keeper kepa

  2. Mohamed Aymen Ajam says

    Why people now don't talk about his brilliance ? they only focused on his flaws .

  3. Chinnaphat Lin says

    Watching his saves, he has a lot of talent

  4. Oliver Ashford says

    No wonder he saved the first one he didn’t move like against Liverpool

  5. Thabane Ntshangase says

    These are probably the only saves he's made.Just kidding.

  6. Nosherwan Ali says

    I genuinely feel bad for him.

  7. Seth Next Door says

    At this point, I think every save by Kepa is a wonder.

  8. The epic TAYLORS says

    What about against Liverpool in fa cup?

  9. Monixh Kd says

    where is this guy now??

  10. Gary Marr says

    Only if he was this good this season ?

  11. Cjay says

    For Kepa to be this good in this video? I don’t trust they other goal keeper I have watched. Videos is very deceitful, just as this Kepa’s video I just watched wow!

  12. rnevans says

    This was in my recommended straight after he was denounced as Chelsea gk

  13. ISO says

    Give him 1 more chance

  14. M O I S T says

    wait, he's made a save before?

  15. Zbit97 says

    I think it's best to send Kepa out on loan. So much potential, just needs his confidence back and a solid defensive line..

  16. Impxccable. says

    Who’s here after he conceded 5 against Liverpool ?‍♂️ I hope he can get back into form soon, he’s done many great things for us Edit: it isn’t completely his fault, the defense was absolutely terrible

  17. àbhináv Krishnä says

    Kepa had an insane potential…i think he just need some time to regain his confidence

  18. Anish Pande says

    You mean total saves?

  19. For The Boys says

    its nothing wrong with him in his first season but this season he has been awful

  20. Samid Chowdhury says

    You mean the only 5 saves kepa did

  21. Kuba says

    No kepa is 7 best failes

  22. Jean Varold Oussou says

    Don't blame Kepa. He'll learn from error he made.

  23. Gabriel Baez Alarcon says

    Kepas only 5 saves lol

  24. T Hakala says


  25. Fadhlan Ramadhan XI MIPA 3 says

    He is still young,we don't know yet what will happen next

  26. Flashmanos says

    I don't mind a swap deal with andré onana, i love onana but he's ready to go to the top 5 goalkeepers and ajax can make kepa better

  27. Shekhdon 21 says

    Kepa ,Kepa ,Kepa Kepa !

  28. henty Read says

    It’s sad to see him play as bad as he has this season because he’s a good keeper I think he’s just really low on confidence and I just get the feeling he’s unhappy in England ☹️

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