Top 50+ BEST iOS 13.5 Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 13! (GET iOS 14 w/ Cydia Tweaks)


Top 50 Best New Free & Paid iOS 13.5 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 13.5 Jailbreak with Unc0ver or iOS 13.6 with Checkra1n. WWDC 2020 & iOS 14 + Top Tweaks & Sources HERE: ?

Apples World Wide Developers Conference is kicking off next Monday at 10Am (PST) where Apple will unveil iOS 14 and its new features! In today’s video, we’re turning iOS 13 into iOS 14 with the power of jailbreak tweaks! Enjoy the latest top tweaks in today’s best iOS 13 jailbreak tweaks video.

Before you begin however, you must first be jailbroken. Thankfully, the process to jailbreak iOS 13 – iOS 13.4.1 is relatively simple. You just have to either use unc0ver for new devices or checkra1n for older ones.

▶︎ How to Jailbreak iOS 13.5 No Computer Method:

▶︎ Jailbreak iOS 13.5 with Computer Method:

▶︎ Free iOS 13.5 Tweaks Playlist: Top 100 FREE Tweaks!

—  —  —  — — — Unc0ver & Checkra1n iOS 13 Jailbreak Coverage —  —  —  — — —

▶︎ iOS 13.5.1 Jailbreak Checkra1n Tutorial:

▶︎  Resign Jailbreak (No Computer:

▶︎ Jailbreak if Revoked:

▶︎ UnJailbreak Video Tutorial:

—  —  —  — — — End of  Useful Stuff —  —  —  — — —

** YouTube: Jailbreaking is 100% legal under the DMCA. Discussing iOS Updates is LEGAL. **




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  1. iCrackUriDevice says

    ? LIKE if you LOVE Jailbreaking! ❤️

  2. Adri VSN says

    Where can I found that red wallpaper?

  3. The Spectacular Charizards says

    how does he float his iphone is it the new ios 14 update or something

  4. TheNetranger A.K.A Netty says

    What’s that background wallpaper on you iPad

  5. clash-MLG says

    What repo do i need for “nopassafterresping”

  6. Joeyz says

    Im able to get jailbroken on ios13.3 iphone xr at first but after i updated all the important stuff for cydia cydia just keeps crashing everytime i open it even though i am jailbroken please help

  7. aviv beria says

    Can someone please tell what tweak he used for live UI (home and lock screen).

  8. Mickxxl says

    How the actual fuck is your phone just floating like that?

  9. Alfonzo Vinchi says

    Anyone know how to get mitusha forever to work…

  10. Siraj Sajid says

    what is the red and black wallpaper? it looks so clean!! i really want it

  11. Kaleb says

    Anyone know which wallpaper he is using? The animated one?

  12. mostafa elshafie says

    I hate how I can’t use checkra1n unless i have a macbook

  13. Joshua Chen says

    Hello sir, I was wondering if you've made a video on all the tweaks installed on your phone because it looks dope!

  14. manjeet gauri says

    Hi What is your wallpaper?

  15. Piyush Gupta says

    Can someone please tell what tweak he used for live UI (home and lock screen). Please

  16. App xD says

    on gestures 13 when i swipe up the multitask doesn’t happen help

  17. Eddy Boh says

    Can you show us how you searched for those tweaks and download them because I keep getting error

  18. retroxmoodz says

    Could it be a cydia tweak that’s causing this? I’m not sure. I’m currently running iOS version 13.4.1, and my iPhone is jailbroken using Checkra1n. I’m not sure if one of my tweaks could be causing this issue so I turned off all of them. Every minute my battery is constantly going down by 2%. And when it goes on the charger it won’t charge pass 81%. I’m not sure why, can someone please help me? – My Tweak List is AnimationsBeFastPlus, Boxy 4, Cask 2, Choicy, CircleIcons, Circuliser, Clean Home Screen, ColorMeNotfis, CoolCC, CoolFolder, CyDown, Cylinder, dotto+, Ersatz, Flame, Hide Labels, IconTweak, Jellyfish, Little 11, LocalIAPStore, Lotus Dark, Melted Crayons, MilkyWay2, ModernSettings, Prysm, Scorpion, Sentinel, SettingsWidgets, shuffle, Sleepsaver, Smallsiri, Snowboard, Titan, tw3ha, TweakCompatible, Xen HTML, XenInfo.

  19. Yaro Dukal says

    This video does not wanna play on Mac wtf?!

  20. DysfunctionalForeskin Syndrome says

    Does anyone know why mitsuha doesn’t work?

  21. Hugo G. says

    What’s the tweak to show the album In notifications like in the vid? It looks sick but I can’t find it

  22. lyndon says

    for no clutter my labels pop up sometimes, is that just me?

  23. Ghøst says

    What is your Springtomize 5 layout on your secondary phone?

  24. Raja X says

    “Anyhow” cringe ?

  25. ya boi doo doo says

    Evanesco crashed my springboard

  26. jinxy says

    Anyone know of any working theme tweaks for 13.5.1?

  27. Heru Hayes says

    For melted crayons, there is a free tweak called Ablaze which does the exact same thing

  28. doraatje1 says

    What do i need to do when i want to install Mitsucha Forever but i cant install it because in cysia it says, "Depends libmituschaforever" in red?

  29. Turbo Addict says

    I had the 13.5.1 jailbreak & it worked for a couple of weeks & I woke up today & my phone was on iOS 13.4 & I lost everything.. why did it downgrade by itself?

  30. Malik Junaid says

    which live theme are you using in the background wallpaper?

  31. Infinity gaming 0 says

    Me being sad for updating to iOS 13.5.1

  32. Jude Aryee says

    so what tweak are you using for the background animation?

  33. Ivan Gonzalez says

    what’s the tweak that has the spotify albums in the notification center??

  34. Ulises Luna says

    Does anyone know the teak he uses to make the music animations appear like the one he has when he talks about mitsuha forever?

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