Top 7 Biggest Cheating Moments in Cricket History Ever | Worst Cheating in Cricket | Cric Star


Watch biggest cheating moments in cricket ||
Cheating umpire decisions || Cricket cheating umpires

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  1. Dr abby Sharma says

    BC ball hi kha gya

  2. VIJAY POTALE says


  3. Lalit Sondarva says


  4. Guitar song says

    Nice video 😂😂😂

  5. Digi-Fin Knowledge says

    Afridi is cheating clearly. It is unfortunate.❤️ Comment and like.Please SUBSCRIBE 👇


    Bc thumbnail kya lagae ho😂. Tri match ho ra kya😂

  7. Asghar khan says

    Salam babagan

  8. GHOST TROLLS says

    Biggest cheating thumbnail…🤣🤣🤣



  10. Shivam Sharma says


  11. Tony stark says

    Please tell me the background music name

  12. Shacorey Bailey says


  13. kushwah Rajan says


  14. Maullik Talreja says

    Poor batsman

  15. Soothe Music says

    😊💐Good Work Camera Man👍❤God Blessed You️❤️Love and support from me😊💐❤#soothemusic

  16. Ritesh says

    Who is here after SLAYY POINT??

  17. Dude Brothers says

    Saale pagal hai india ko badnam kar raha hai, thumbnail change kar

  18. Rohan Raj says

    Why indians are in thumbnail

  19. utsav mandal says

    after slay point

  20. DHARUN KUMAR says

    Any one here in ipl 2020…❤️

  21. Kabiin says

    Vedio quality is fucked up

  22. Blade x Charlie says

    Love from India🇮🇳Nice 😍😍

  23. The Pokemonster says

    This fucking thumbnail

  24. Dinesh Deo 2.0 says sixes

  25. Sami Khan says

    where is sandpaper?

  26. Abishek Karthik says

    What's the cheating in the 4th one?? some1 plz explain

  27. ISLAM KI BATE says


  28. Jithesh Warrier says

    I just came here to comment on the video's poster. Afghan guybis holding West Indies guy in and India vs WI game … Brilliant👌👌

  29. Akshay Rao says

    Nice video but …Only thing you missed was adding an Australian , English and South African on the thumbnail 🤘🏻

  30. Umapathy sree balaji says

    Pakistan players are always cheaters #fcukpakistan


    Slayy point dekh ke aae ho na


    You is the best spiner

  33. Traffic Rider. Beast says

    2 min silence for the thumbnail.

  34. left hand story says

    Woaaàaaa,is there form India❤️👍

  35. Juniour Sanal Sanal says


  36. Meganathan M says

    You giting afkanisthan india

  37. Music pillz Channel says

    Thumbnail editing ku oru limit iruku

  38. jai prakcash tamada says

    England, Australia and Pakistan are competung with each other…..

  39. Has mat says

    Who is after slayy point (dont like this comment instead reply)

  40. Ravi B n says


  41. Thunder Thunder says

    Actually the biggest cheating is thumbnail

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