Top Government Health Official Warns Americans Of Coronavirus Spread | NBC Nightly News


In an in-depth interview with NBC News’ Richard Engel, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, says the coronavirus outbreak will reach “likely pandemic proportions.”
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  1. christopher Fiafonou says

    Divide land of ghost five because y'all do not listen to God

  2. Andrew Herman says

    "…an emerging, infectious disease that has now reached outbreak proportions…as planned…"

  3. Julia Lakat says

    Lissen to him

  4. Fire of Truth says

    It is all hindsight. Hindsight makes everyone becoming a virus expert. People need to understand that this covid19 is a brand new virus. No single expert in December or even in Jan knows exactly or confidently how contagious this virus truly is. Even after three months, Italy, Iran, S Korea and even now the US makes the same mistakes that China did back in January. It is not fair to bashing anyone. It is just human nature. Whenever there is a problem or crisis, the first response is a denial of facts. Real action only comes after the real pain is felt.

  5. Apollon Lv says

    I want them to wear masks

  6. Mike Hankins says

    This guy should be ashamed of himself.People are scared because of nonsensical stories lime this.

  7. Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper says

    North Korea has new drugs against the virus:

  8. Caryn says

    I am not going to the dentist tomorrow.

  9. Christopher says

    So far, the CDC has estimated (based on weekly influenza surveillance data) that at least 12,000 people have died from A,B & C influenza between Oct. 1, 2019 through Feb. 1, 2020, and the number of deaths may be as high as 30,000. 60 MILLION people die every year. Beware of news reports that profit on fear. Last year North Korea was going to nuke us all.

  10. Bon Summers says

    Am I concerned about Coronavirus? No. Keep you're body clean. Don't eat foods which gunk up your body. Prudent omnivorism for the win. Body integrity for the win. Coronavirus and other disease afflict bodies with non-vital junk inside them. Variable per person as to which foods one can process well, and which foods don't process well. But, typically, starches and homogenized milk are the best at gunking up your body. Eat vital. Stay disease free, even when disease is around you. If your body is clean and vital, the disease can't take hold. Starches are foundations of making societies, only because they're cheap to raise in abundance and easy to store, but with the downside of gunking ones body, and hence making ones body more prone to disease.

  11. Ngeow Hoi Wan says

    Enough all for the talks! Everyday is just the same old repeats. Tell the people what is being done and what the outcome is! Don't just keep on saying "we are going to/ this is going to"!!!

  12. Yo Jo says

    0:01 I thought [not] shaking hands was the way to go. That's a bad example these two are showing.

  13. Fire of Truth says

    Just thinking to get ready is probably too late. it is time for some real action to contain.

  14. Patrick Steward says

    its a hoax!. He go to that movie or that concert, better yet attend one of those great Trump rallies. he,ll tell you its, o.k.. in person.

  15. Patrick Steward says

    are any one surprised that we have'nt seen our fearless leaders face on the news telling us everything is all right? no! Because he put it in someone elses incompetent hands. go figure.

  16. Jock B says

    How about we try a science project.. Dip the virus in Vinegar then see what happens.. then dip it in Garlic, then oil of Oregeno, then hydrogen peroxide… or an exotic plant. Or Vitamin C ….i bet God gave us something that will knock it right out……lets spread that news

  17. j Miller says

    Marc Lipsitch, head of the Harvard School of Public Health’s
    Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics, was asked a question at a Corona
    virus conference at Harvard on Wednesday.  "What do you think of the president’s
    comments Wednesday evening, (March 4, 2020,) that the U.S. is adequately
    prepared to meet this challenge?"  LIPSITCH:
    "I came away from the press conference feeling cautiously optimistic.  But, as is often the case, many of the
    president’s individual statements were at odds with his actions and with
    scientific fact, and he seemed to still be in denial.  And with the news today that the leadership
    is shifting again and that federal health and science officials will be muzzled
    from speaking without clearance, my cautious optimism is gone. It is simply
    authoritarian and un-American for politicians to tell public health leaders
    what they can and can’t say about a public health crisis."  Trump fired the Obama-Biden pandemic team and
    agency whose job was to go to foreign countries like China and help them
    contain diseases before they spread to the United States and other
    countries.  We don't need " an authoritarian
    and un-American" President.  We need
    a President who knows how to handle potential pandemics.

  18. ThomasGrant80 says

    This country is going to be a different place a year from now.

  19. 5150 Logan says


  20. buttafan says

    They Shook Hands! The Death Rate Just Went Up To 3.4% – Says The C.D.C. 3/5
    People should receive written citations and fines for shaking hands.
    We have not heard a peep out The Department Of Homeland Security.

    I guess they're doubling down on Duct Tape And Cellophane House Raps.

    Bill Gates: The next outbreak? We’re not ready

    C.D.C. – "The U.S. would experience significant shortages of medical supplies in worst-case."

    Could "Contagion" virus happen in real life?

  21. Saharra Quasar says

    It seems that China has done a far more excellent job of containing the virus and infected people, thus lowering the spread and slowing it down, than The United States and Canada..

  22. JRT 4JUSTICE says

    Priority: containment. Here are the numbers if it becomes a global pandemic. Very sobering..COVID 19 projections..based on the sources and links below, here are some numbers which are astounding when factored into the global population and current trends.

    Global population est. 2020 : 7.8 billion. CDC Projected infection rate of 70% : 5.460 billion

    80% of cases are MILD = 4,368,000,000
    14% are SEVERE = 764,400,000
    6% become CRITICALLY ill = 327,600,000

    COVID 19 – ANNUAL Case fatality projected GLOBALLY:
    @ 2.0% = 109,200,000 to @ 4.0% =. 218,400,000

    SEASONAL FLU annual fatalities: 290,000 to 650,000

    1918 SPANISH FLU deaths globally: 50,000,000

    One billion people could die within a five to ten year period if BOTH The FLU AND COVID 19 becomes seasonal. there is no cure or vaccine yet. Those over 50 and those sick will be the main victims. Younger folks and kids will survive as if they just had the flu. Population will decline to below 5 billion if remain unchecked leaving a global population no older than 50. This population size seems more manageable in addressing climate change and global scarcity of resources ..especially by 2050 when habitats around the coasts will begin to disappear due to rising ocean levels…was this designed to avert climate change disaster in the future? Will a new global political and economic order arise?


  23. Miguel Bermudez says

    Aquí hay una forma científica de protegerse del Coronavirus:

  24. Debby Chapman Davis says

    Pants on fire.

  25. Laney Jones says

    Germ warfare?

  26. Pedro Gonzalez says


  27. K Joyce says


  28. Joe Schuett says

    Why is nobody asking why every year random disease is just pop up,bird flu

  29. _Your Master Nalah says

    And that man is 💯 percent correct

  30. cameroncobraqueen says

    Not gonna lie, I am a bit worried at the molment. But like anything else gonna have to ride the way.
    And I am honestly so sick and tired of people going after who is in office over the virus. It wouldn't matter what side was in. Get with the program. China is the place everyone should be angry with. Their people knew way ahead of what was happening but wanted to keep it secret from the rest of the world and top that their own people.

  31. Electoral College Enslaved Alumni says

    If you want credibility Do Not Appear on Stage with Trump. Granted Dr. FAUCI may well be the foremost authority on viral transmission but in the last 3 years there have been plenty of "foremost authorities" appear with the IMPOTUS and are no long the authority of anything anymore. The one and only choosen one will fix everything! That's the way dictators are.

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