Top Health Experts Call For U.S. To Shut Down To Slow Coronavirus Spread | NBC Nightly News


As the nation’s daily death toll tops 1,000 for four days in a row, more than 500 health experts are urging the Trump administration to enact a nationwide closure. While schools grapple with reopening plans, a Tennessee district that had been first to reopen is reporting a positive case.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Top Health Experts Call For U.S. To Shut Down To Slow Coronavirus Spread | NBC Nightly News

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  1. sergio samoggia says

    Vaccines are idiocy!Doctors have misdiagnosed and wrong treatment!Just licorice is enough, for this disease!

  2. H H says


  3. S Yee says

    US is out of control with the virus. It’s crazy to be reopening schools.

  4. Maxi Max says

    US people…your GOV only put effort at HK, China, South China Sea…Your dead are a number to them and it is not them but you and your family…Anyone in White house sick will have first class medical team but you people only has a casket waiting for you…It not fair but that is REAL in Life!!! Your life worth nothing to them…

  5. Janet DRIVER says

    DNo shutting down

  6. Chitchatr says

    Take the poll: How will democratic cities function with less tax revenue as a result of their shutdowns and school closures and millions of less tax revenue coming in? Raising property tax and vehicle tax as well as gas tax is the only way to keep funding city employees whom consistently vote democrat as well as the teacher unions. If you own a house or property open your wallets because the democrats are coming to raise your taxes to pay for what? expanding their voter base permitting illegal aliens to vote? Vote for change. Everyone knows there is a 97% survival rate with covid, 50,000,000 tests completed and the media still hyping fear: 150000 covid related deaths/50,000,000 tests completed. Do the Math. The democrat plan is to put fear in America through Riots, Covid, Russia, Russia, Russia like the American voters are lemmings following the sour sounds of the negative fake press, pathetic. Hey Media, you are not that powerful yet but you are pathetic. What did Kamala Harris say about Joe Biden related to school busing in the democratic primary? deceptive politics. Face it, Democrats in power have no concern over the tragic deaths of children in Chicago or anywhere else, you know why…… they want power and they believe the riots is a means to an end. Your safety and security means 0 to the democratic party or the main stream media. It is clear as day.

  7. John Jauregui says

    "Surgical masks are designed to protect patients from a surgeon’s respiratory droplets, aren’t effective at blocking particles smaller than 100 μm." Many take this out of context. The sentence ends "aren't effective at blocking particles smaller than 100 um." The COVID-19 virus is 0.12 um, or about 800 times smaller than the fiber spacings in a surgical mask. This corona virus is 40 times smaller than a red blood cell. Surgical masks, as well as ALL the masks you see out on the street, including the N95 mask, are completely transparent to the infinitesimally small corona virus. Masks do not stop this virus because their fiber spacings are much larger than the virus. The COVID-19 virus passes right through ALL masks because of its extremely small size. The N95 mask does have electrostatically charged fibers so it does disrupt the passage of more virus, but they do get through. Do an inventory as you walk through a store that still requires a mask and you will see very few N95's. Masks simply DO NOT WORK to contain this virus. However, Vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and over-the-counter QUERCETIN with zinc supplements used together do prevent run away infection and death. This combined treatment also works against ALL RNA flu and cold viruses. No vaccine is required. We can all go back to work NOW without masks.

  8. Michael Lopez says

    Is the GOP looking at this when they think that $600 us too much …Vote Them Out

  9. geddoe316 says

    Clear up the protests and I'll take the virus seriously

  10. Commentor says

    Good luck shutting down the country again. People have tasted freedom from the lockdown and I would doubt people would be willing to back to Mach/April lockdown. People have also lost their fear of the virus. A lot of people have lost their jobs and many of those are not getting unemployment. I would be in favor of targeted lockdowns (on bars, and other places were many people gather), but i also think all of the riots in early June have to be a major contributor of spiking cases.

  11. Jon Campos says

    Our country cannot afford another shutdown. This virus has our balls to the walls and there’s nothing we can do about it.

  12. C. R says

    Watching this and knowing it was in the news today little 8 year old little girl with no underlining heath conditions in Florida. Went to the hospital with a fever and positive Coronavirus Hospital sent her home and she died that night in her bed.

  13. chinookvalley says

    Follow the money.

  14. Grins the reaper x says

    its a lost cause sorry everyone

  15. Anje Dewrance says


  16. Mason Woes says

    Shut down the government and start over

  17. Dalen Johnson says

    Does that include Mayors telling the rioters they support to 'go home'?(Just curious…)

  18. Luv Provida says

    If we would've done this (SHUT DOWN) in April-May we would be in a better place but no, the unstable genius at the WH cared more about his trickconomy than American lives!

  19. Mike Presto says

    I never though once in my life that I’d be homeschooled because of covid-19 now my life has changed without chatting with my fake friends

  20. Oh jala says

    Only vaccine can save any other precautionary measures they can do as citizens have their own rules. Let them do what they want and just wait that there will be vaccine before everyone in US die.

  21. Marek Wojcik says

    We are at risk of asymptomatic or healthy disease?What absurdities will the media and politicians take to keep us afraid of a virus whose harmful effects have never been scientifically studied?

  22. taresy6789pp Pang says

    COVID 2019 say a inhibitory efficacy of green tea ECEG epoxycallechin galkeate estrmpoly phenol can prevent viral membrame fusionnthrouhh endosytitos and endomdomsl real we if Sars 2 antigen vision due to that due to hydroxyl group on the ring can increase oh of lusome and endosome that restrict and inhibitory effect of conformal change in ph accumulsrio 8 that prevent fusion that the s spike glyco protein require my of acidified for membrame fviral fusion and conformal change for bi lipid binding on cell walls of endothelium that incerear in ph will not result in rndicystosvand bi lipid gradationof ensdo some in to cytoplasm for viral replicatio of RAn virus through transcription.

  23. Danniel menton says

    We’re already loosing are police doctors will be next

  24. Danniel menton says

    I agree shut down break time

  25. Sathvik Mp Rao says

    Shutdown the protests first

  26. Cory Vernon says

    This has been a circus and Trump is the ringmaster who can't juggle.

  27. Blessings Nfavor says

    The Spanish Flu was far worse than this and the country didn't shut down. Some of you are willing to give up your freedoms a bit too easily…and that's what's really scary.The tests are issuing more 'positive' results than negative. Can you say Fraudulent? Fauci and Gates both have been proven to be liars, eugenicists, flat-out frauds, and far worse. It is detestable what they have done to humanity in the past and even more so now. Is this America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave or is it America, land of the 21st century cowardly slaves? Another video those of you who actually care about humanity might want to watch is: Making a killing – The untold story of Psychotropic Drugging (Documentary). God Bless You All…

  28. Blessings Nfavor says

    Everybody watch Event 201 and the lecture by Dr. Robert Willner here on YouTube. We're being played and the ones that are doing it are getting richer by the day. Wake Up. God Bless All.

  29. Chelsea Jennings says

    Easy for you to say when you don't have a family and pets to feed! How about you go to work for a living and then see how you feel! Get off of it already. The shutdown didn't work the first time and it won't help this time either! It won't happen! Americans can't afford to go another 2-3 months without incomes! We have to learn how to coexist with this and clearly, America hasn't done that! Whether we opened too soon or we didn't do certain things right, the cure can't be worse than the disease! Literally!

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