1. raul amaris says

    Well on that note that's our Newscast here at 6 on CTV/ABC 9 Eyewitness News Thanks so much for Joining us ABC's World News Tonight is next don't forget use the #SavePhineasandFerb on Social Media and go to the online petition https://www.change.org/p/disney-abc-revive-phineas-and-ferb/u/13662240 Eyewitness News returns Tonight at 11 now for Eliza Fletcher, Phineas Flynn, Jeremy Johnson and the rest of the CTV/ABC 9 Eyewitness News Team I'm Raul Amaris have a Good night we'll see you at 11.

  2. Yass Leves says

    CTVglobemedia is Now Bell Media

  3. BlueCities says

    @MrLppa CTV has really good taste in music.

  4. prckay says

    @mangdannyboy CTV TORONTO AND CTV BC are the only stations in the CTV that carry there Newscast in HD

  5. PierrePoutine says

    I'm so glad CTV Winnipeg does the "long exit" to.

  6. mangdannyboy says

    i, meanwhile, love CTV local news' closing theme music (as well as the "citynews" theme music)…

    i dont know why they're not in HD yet, though (same thing with "CTV national news")…CTV has all the resources to work on it, anyway, i believe…

  7. AR AR says

    #1 in ratings

  8. Dan True says

    love the graphics and the set. Great work.

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