Toronto to Vancouver by train: VIA Rail's 'Canadian'


A journey from Toronto to Vancouver by train, across the Shield, over the Prairies and through the Canadian Rockies. Showing the train, sleepers, dining-car, food, dome, ‘Park’ car and the amazing scenery. For schedule, prices & tickets see

We started this journey in New York, taking Amtrak’s ‘Maple Leaf’ from New York to Toronto,

Well, in fact we started at London’s Waterloo station, crossing the Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2 from Southampton to New York,

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  1. 1 Point Infotainment says

    Mesmerising Canada

  2. Meyer Mica says

    French?? Wtf

  3. Meyer Mica says

    I would love to travel like thisHow many hours from tron to van??

  4. Mahinda Githaiga says

    I would like to go on a train across Canada.

  5. Bipinkumar Chavda says

    Any way really amazing travel really I think live in Canada and die Canada great amazing country

  6. Bipinkumar Chavda says

    Beautiful suiting nice canada nice facility for train by government really Canada government is a like decline god,salute government,Canada is a heaven from whole world

  7. arvid gunardi says

    Lived in Vancouver for 9years, need to go back there and do this trip with my kids.

  8. Victoria Huang says

    I lived in Canada for 19 years. How lucky I am to immigrate to this beautiful country. It is my home now!

  9. Aiden L says

    really enjoy watching this video!

  10. iamdmc says

    word to the wise: they don't guarantee daylight for passing through anything interesting. Friend of the family went through the ENTIRE Rocky Mountain pass at night. Thanks via railalso looks a bit shabby and dated for the ridiculous $$$ they charge

  11. Sir Raymond LuxuryYacht says

    I moved here from Ireland in 2011 and Canada is both beautiful and vast! I'd love to one day afford to do this cross-country train ride

  12. Abhiram Madhu says

    Beautiful. It is so calm and quiet. I'll visit Canada. I am from India

  13. RICHM says


  14. Happy Travelers says

    What a wonderful video!

  15. Train Ride says

    Great video. Thanks for uploading!

  16. Sierra Jameson says

    I’m a new Canadian and so so grateful to live here!

  17. Pallavi K says

    Trains are the best way to explore any country .. I love them and prefer this mode of transportation ( but I couldn't explore it to its full potential….) Hope this does not turn into a regret…. I guess the current situation is going to change the way we travel.

  18. Saad Syed says

    I've always wondered what the experience of travel on train from one side of Canada to another would be like and suffice to say, it's rather disappointing. Some occasional good views, especially in the Rockies, but the ride is too slow. Interior comfort, even on the prestige and business class is abysmal. Honestly looks like refurbished army bunk beds. Via Rail should be taking pointers from the airline industry, or even better yet the Chinese and Japanese rail systems on comfort and luxury. For the same cost as a roundtrip flight, spending 4-5 days on a slow train is not worth it. Infrastructure needs to be improved first, rail line is way too close to the coast of lakes and rivers with creaky bridges. But then again, is it worth it, anyway? Flights are cheaper and quicker.

  19. Henry Eversole says

    Great trip. Thank you so much for saving me a pile of cash.

  20. techstepman says

    im informing you that youtube is suggesting the same shit again and again no matter what i do…so now im disliking everything to see if that makes a difference. If you care tell youtube to stop being an asshole and fix their algorythms.

  21. Walter W Shan Jr says

    How long did this trip take?

  22. Vivek Mittal says

    Ultimate Canada


    Canada is extremely beautiful country This train journey was one the best scenic journey I have ever seen

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