Trapped in the GAME! | There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension


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Today on the couch it’s just me and the next installment of There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension. Will we ever truly find the game or will it keep being ripped from my grasp? Let’s find out!

0:00 – The Solo Banter
2:22 – Gameplay Begins

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  1. yohanna Audrey says

    It's official… markiplier is smarter than mattpad when playing this game

  2. Xandre Asman says

    Mat pat I’m not playing a game because there is no game

  3. Marina Caruth says

    Lmao I cant believe he just threw other youtubers under the bus to justify how long it took him in the last video, talking about throwing some shade, nice one MatPat lmao I'm just teasing you, but I was thinking the same thing or at least that other youtubers cut out just how long it took them to actually figure out the puzzles in the game lol I actually agree with MatPat here

  4. Isaiah Senku says

    Just got new headphones and I've never been happier to hear matpat play games with both of my ears😍😍💜💜🤣

  5. Bruh ._. says

    Wow thank whoever made the timestamps

  6. FirestormCrafts says

    I feel so bad for game….

  7. FirestormCrafts says

    Good job hero you abuse the saved progress thing we all are very proud

  8. Kat D says

    Guard: haha that tickles kid
    MatPat: focused on the sun

  9. Vlad Naka says

    The sword of life!
    get it, cause it holds the lives

  10. •HJSky• says

    Again, overthinking

  11. shadowwolf2192 says

    Sry matpat lol The shade was out of love! I promise! XD

  12. doinic09 says

    The Gameplay Begins should be the Non-Gameplay Begins

  13. elsdyr gaming says

    mapat in the game further on you have to be carefull as there is alot of secerets that not many has seen

  14. Der Magmaschleim Rasierer! says



  15. Matthew Heaton says
  16. Logan Shaw says

    You are going to "hate" the next part maybe.

  17. Logan Shaw says

    He can do puzzle games just complicated ones simple puzzle games are his down fell. He has the "that is just dumb." Face when he solves the simple puzzles.

  18. Matthew Heaton says
  19. dakota manchette says

    I cant wait to see mat pat see the rest of this thing that is not a game

  20. Ocelot 919 says

    Please do a theory on there is no game.

  21. East Meets West Presents says

    MatPat, you should play this rather interesting old FMV game called Tender Loving Care with Stephanie. And let us viewers tap into the inner subconscious of both you and Stephanie (and hint hint the game might… arouse something between the two of you)

    Actually, dare I say it… if that game (Tender Loving Care) were to be remade today, I can imagine both you and Stephanie starring in it (and maybe include a special Easter Egg to The Game Theory which could lead to a special ending)

  22. DowncastEnd11 says

    Matpat is being too big brained.

  23. Julian Spatter says

    Bruh you need to finish this game ASAP. It has a really good ending.

  24. Kokicha G_M says

    Im the only one who loves matpats impressions of the hero

  25. Sighted Pie says

    We need a ending

  26. Harlan Powell says

    I just realized that the thumbnail is different than other streams because there is no game. At all. Ever.

  27. Lily Rider says

    Oh come oooon! It's understandable it took so long. Why just WHY 🤣 Who sees and tongue and a few cans of paint and instantly thinks

  28. Garbage Player9 says

    I am loving this not game

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