1. briantravelman says

    I don't think I've ever seen so many things that made me go OH WOW! That was SO beautiful! I remember now why I fell in love with Greece. Shit, I wanna go back now. I WILL go back some day, and the Ioanians are on my list.I wanna live in that country.

  2. roothik says

    Nice presentation of the Ioanian islands and coast.Maybe the video title should make it clear that it is specifically about the Ionian sea and not generally about Greek islands.

  3. Dilandau88 says

    Great video! 

  4. Daniel Pearson says

    Thank so much,  So beautifully done with a great information and knowledge.  Not ypir regular tourist video and places.

  5. FashionistaDesigner says

    Beautiful job. Thanks you so much:-)<3

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