Travel with Shenaz – Greece


Watch the teaser for my upcoming Travel Vlog to GREECE. Stay tuned for the full series. 🙂

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  1. Regard Wash says


  2. BELLE FILLE says

    Bitch I love U…..

  3. raseen Jafran says

    You are a treat for my eye

  4. Aanand Kumar says

    Beautiful -. The Place and You.

  5. sanjeet singh says

    I am your old lo….

  6. PRITHVI web says

    Hey….im waiting new videos

  7. Sumeet Kumar says

    Amishyaa's a killer,Modeez a chu*I got click baited,And so did you!

  8. Sam Cool says

    U look so amazing…

  9. Abhi Manyu says

    0:45 nipples.

  10. Huma Khan says

    You are so beautiful and beautiful place

  11. Shan Shammer says

    Shenazzzzz…. You looking great and as always……Mwaaah..!!!!

  12. FeelGood Within says

    Wow!!! Superb!!! You look stunning

  13. Hamid Khan says

    Beautiful place I want come …love you shenaz

  14. Vivek Shukla says

    Can I join you for travel and food ??

  15. Sumit Pahuja says

    I am your biggest fan, because I love your SMILE. For me it is World Best Smile)))

  16. Mukesh Tripathi says

    Shehnaz you are a gift of god to human being. I am great fan of you and infatuated to you almost 25 yrs back when I first saw your picture in a newspaper. You are awesome

  17. Singh Praa! says

    Love you mam I wish l could actually tell you how much I like you but sadly you don't see me.

  18. Nicholas Chen says

    Wow…..the sights are just breathtaking

  19. Ankit Tirkey says

    Wow u r so amazing I'm in with the shape of u…. ???

  20. Amit Kapoor says

    hi u luk so gorgeous ….u have so hot figure plzzz upload ur hot videos

  21. vermamallikarjun19 says

    Love you so much girl…Shenaz, you r the best…

  22. Prabhodya Singh says

    I am not here to watch Greece.

  23. zafar fx says

    you are fucking hot…will great if you make video like seductive and sexy

  24. Tapos Das says


  25. jackrubycrew says

    Some really great shots in this edit! I appreciate so much seeing experiences like these in places I have yet to visit. There is something about traveling that I cant get enough of, so when I am home, footage like this serves as huge motivation to get out there and do more cool stuff! Where are you traveling to next?

  26. Rahul Goyal says

    hi shenaz any plans for Australia..? would love to host you for a Candle light dinner.. 🙂

  27. Athif Khan says

    Shehnaz what is the procedure to apply as your camera man

  28. Shashank Sinha says

    Only of one minute….! ?

  29. chetank says

    In love with shehnaz since my teenager days…she hasn't aged a bit

  30. anbarasu s says

    Please upload the full video I'm eagerly waiting . keep on uploading traveling videos

  31. anbarasu s says

    please upload the full video . I'm eagerly waiting . to see it keep on uploading video's

  32. anbarasu s says

    please upload the full video . I'm eagerly waiting . to see it keep on uploading video's

  33. anbarasu s says

    please upload the full video . I'm eagerly waiting . to see it keep on uploading video's

  34. AW Parihar says

    after watching ishq vishk I was ur biggest fan,god bless you, and plz share ur instragram I'd,,stay blessed…

  35. Prakash Purohit says

    You Look Really Really Hottt & Stunning in Greece Dear. Thank You So Much For This Amazing Destination Shenaz.

  36. Shin BeatX says

    I know Shenaz will like this comment and Rply cuz m her biggest fan ! ?love her all travel vlogs ??

  37. Zayeem Khan says

    Is this a teaser to a full video or u just wanted to show the greece in 1 mint ?Please make long videos.these video will not fetch u any subscribers

  38. Double Nine says


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