Travelling India on Royal Enfields


A short film of recent travels in India. film could of been much longer but journey was cut short as I was hit by a car and ended up in hospital, but was still an excellent adventure.

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  1. charlie wootton says

    Yes motorbikes on Indian roads it's in the lap of the Gods or karma as the Indians call it, been there with you Jon countryside hospitals there are not the best but hey we live to tell the tale wouldn't have changed it for the world though so much to learn from the Indian culture you have to be in it to win it

  2. Digby Taylor says


  3. william preece says

    Great adventures m8 thx for sharing

  4. Finca el Moro says

    Loved your two films, Palmerston and this one. Very bad luck but I guess motorbikes and India ??? I had enough near misses on a horse through Rajasthan, but then that was buffalo and camels so nothing broken. Hope all has mended and that you are planning your next adventure while being locked down. You have a very engaging personality, have fun !!!!

  5. Bertiebigballs 1 says

    Damn what a shame, you would have made some epic videos. So glad I found your channel, brilliant videos.

  6. Michael Maeser says

    Jon, I enjoy your videos a lot! You would deserve many many many more viewers!

  7. 2desi travelers says

    You are amazing Jon !! That needs lot of courage !! I am also a travel vlogger but never got chance to cover India. Subscribing you and hoping for the same support from You !!

  8. tonya felice says

    Jon, I was excited to see another video from you. Your crash had me a little worried. I am so sad to see that you are hurt. That is crazy driving over there. I hope that you are ok and I wish you speedy healing. Love to you and yours from America.

  9. Sam Carroll says

    Sad to see you hurt and the trip over before it should! It least you’ll be able to travel again soon! You’re one of my biggest travel inspirations and one of my favourite channels on YouTube!

  10. Julian Earle says

    Twas awsome mate. Me n rebbeca out there same time lots of memories thankyou.I did laugh alot at the pain on your face. Not in a nasty way u know wot I meen mate.

  11. Kyle says

    Glad to have another video from you Jon, truly one of the best people on Youtube. Glad you're okay, safe travels!

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