Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Briefing | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


President Trump and the coronavirus task force give an update on the response effort from the White House.

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Trump And Coronavirus Task Force Brief From White House | NBC News (Live Stream)

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  1. Benin Boy says

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  2. trans am says

    MR President Trump

  3. Michael Koonin says

    Did someone write this speech for him, or is he going off script?? He repeats and repeats like a 10 year olds' essay

  4. B C says


  5. Roberto Sharpless Hecht says

    Best President EVER!!

  6. Austin says

    The chart at 19:14 doesn't make much sense to me. Are we to believe that New York is just that much poorer at implementing presidential guidance, or does New York City have significantly greater inherent vulnerabilities than all other states, much like Italy compared to the rest of the EU.

  7. mduduzi mavimbela says

    I wish at least one American close to the white house could take a moment and extend a request to one of their African Contries ambassadors and find out what are Africans doing to avoid this widespread. Or at leaat find out why its not wide spreading. For a moment someone just swallow their pride and lool for solutions…surely a thing or two can be taken home as a lesaon. I thank you

  8. Hello New World says

    China Virus Corona

  9. michelle says

    Go team “Covid “

  10. ひwひーー says

    First Trump ignored that ….

  11. natures way says

    That chart is not scale, the "mountain" should be 10 times as tall as the "hill"
    I wonder why they skewed it

  12. Whirlwind S says

    Not every person is respecting the shelter in. Tell your RED STATE GOVERNORS to act responsibly. These actions that this administration has NOT taken responsibility or acknowledged its' failures.RESIGN NOW

  13. averagepainter says

    This is some class a bs.

  14. Keasha Blew says

    Yay! California wins. Just kidding.

  15. John Till says

    Compare US response to Australia’s. Here is the Australian daily briefing just from today. Especially from 34:15 to 35:25

  16. ابو أحمد says

    In Iraq, the US occupation, the destruction of my country and killed my relatives, God is justice, you will not pass peacefully but will be punished in this world and the day of reckoning Thacbon

  17. skhaertling says
  18. James Gordy says

    I'm not sure that the math in their charts even makes sense..??

  19. treborhi says

    Is the virus going to die out during the time these mitigation efforts are in effect?

  20. Big Texas says


  21. S Ali says

    We are enjoying this drama. Good Production
    Story Writer: Netanyahu
    Producer: Donald Trump
    Director: Dajaal (so far chained up)
    Based on famous Novel "Corona" by Dr Gabrielle Pestlin and Dr Herbert.
    Sponsor : Roche Diagnostics

    They think they are the most clever people on earth. Men of wisdom are not known to them.

  22. Kiera Evans says

    Hi fghgggggg

  23. Sarah Cole says

    Sara here listen world look up 1918 world of dieing world simple because of a chamical that was sprayed in the air.If Trump havent been smart mouth that [little man] as he call him makes all suffer.God got something for people who do things like this. put your trust inGOD world.Leave other country alone .pEople dont smile leave then alone.

  24. Ravenofthenight11 says

    Well things won't get better if people don't take this more seriously, by doing their part

  25. Shawn Light says

    Send the militarys doctors to heavy densely populated areas to help them pleasee

  26. Reckless Abandon says

    +17:00 With 1049 deaths on April 1 for a total of 5107, this is already blown out of the water. There will be 100,000 deaths by Easter Sunday, those that succumb are infected now, or will be in the coming days.😟

  27. Tony Begley says

    Meanwhile All celebrities are being arrested for pedophilia while Americans are preoccupied

  28. murray dyer One Million years ago. . . . says

    Hope i am wrong but to me it seems like hes more thinking about how to promote the people who support him than the people losing their loved ones or suffocating to death, just saying

  29. Taladego says
  30. Dr. Sommer says

    ……. learning, the hard way …..

  31. yuraka says

    I don't know if I am wrong but he looks a little less arrogant. 12:28 He even sounds humble and hurt. I guess he is, as well as we all are, learning a great but painful lesson.

  32. Mc Hatti says

    Go Trump! 💛 From 🇸🇪 🇸🇪 🇸🇪

  33. 01 02 says

    I found a dingleberry on my butt.

  34. Troy Noland says

    Earthquakes can still occure during this Cov19

  35. Sheikh Mohammad Adil says

    Pls stay in home and be safe! 😔

  36. Amanda Ward says

    Just stick to the teleprompter…. no need to voice your lunacy

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