Trying To Win A Call of Duty Warzone Game, But My Teammates Keep Grabbing Most Wanted Bounties..



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  1. Echo says

    Love how I have seen this on stream

  2. Slaya806 says

    I’m sad marvel didn’t pick up that intel when he passed it

  3. Zestifyy says

    Everyone is abusing that LMG

  4. Bell Hyuga says

    What’s his origin 12 build

  5. Theo Langenhoff says

    6:59 just pick up the intel

  6. Divine x says

    "Have you seen my boom-boom gun??" silencer on the muzzle

  7. Mariano Bryant says

    You Should play fort nite

  8. been curley jay says

    Literally nobody. Marcel uploading at 1:35 AM

  9. Cooper George says

    I remember watching this on wildcats stream “Warzone moments that send you to the gulag” funny asf

  10. Gilbert Bautista says

    Wtf did he mean by saying "he hasnt lost touch of his roots" lol???

  11. IamWaveGod says

    He said niggatendo lmaoooo

  12. ToOnZ says


  13. Daniel Shahbon says

    i can’t tell. does his shotgun have a laser on it? does anyone know what attachments are on it?

  14. Ghost metro says

    At least he has a niggatendo?

  15. ClashOfPercy says


  16. TheR6BeatBoxer [DW] says

    Guy: calls marcel a dog Marcel: that man said a Spanish word at me

  17. Danny Flores says

    Marcel is goated wtf

  18. F8_ Megalodon says

    13:45 – 14:26 I fell on the floor laughing so hard hahahahahaha

  19. Kingbear 132 says

    Marcel at then end with the Jokes LMAOOOOOOOO

  20. Lupe Tellez says

    Marcel he called you a dog 2:17

  21. Deku Midoriya says

    13:20 Contract Arthur

  22. Washing Machine says

    The guy you melted with the mlg that spoke Spanish called you a b1tch

  23. Masta Shlumpie says

    When wildcat said I WAS EATING one of you guys should’ve said when don’t you

  24. swiss_ EXO says


  25. Luka Tomrlin says

    Does anyone have his shotgun loadout?

  26. Bananasplit0143 Donovan says

    Hey basicallyidowrk i love your videos man i hope i can be like you one day i always dreamed to be a youtuber

  27. Mariano Morenojr says

    2020 spongbob

  28. Raging Mex says

    Yo basically he called u dog in Spanish

  29. Amey Hindlekar says

    07:45 HIGHLIGHT

  30. CRAZYDARREN214 says

    Marcel be snappin sometimes highkey

  31. Gabriel Bayron says

    Hey can I have armor?

  32. Master Yoda says

    7:48 why does four zero sound like he's been through war

  33. Mason Seman says

    What happened to the grau

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