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Tshwane is a beautiful city in South Africa. Previously known as Pretoria, it is famous for its spectacular gardens, parks, just to say few. Go on a virtual tour with Saleha by watching this video right now!

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  1. Leslie Watkins says

    Tshwane is a beautiful city

  2. Anriëtte Myburgh says

    The city has never been officially named Tshwane, it's still Pretoria. You might want to correct the title. Tshwane is the municipality name, not the city name. Your title makes it seem like Pretoria is just a synonym for the city.

  3. Oso Radiactivo says

    P – R – E – T – O- R – I – A

  4. Oso Radiactivo says

    P R E T O R I A

  5. Supersankalp says

    Looks nice 👍

  6. The New Travel says

    Looks cool! I've always wanted to visit South Africa

  7. Jermaine Ellis says

    great video.

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