1. policeboy0 says

    you have to be missing atleast 5 chromosomes to actually hit the ball with that part of your cleats

  2. Billy Penafiel says

    Horrible video.

  3. AbeTheGreat1 says

    i think is video is more to show off your guitar skills (or lack there of) more than a long pass tutorial

  4. Anthony DiBenedetto says

    Definitely couldn't tell this wasn't professional music

  5. CoIdHeat says

    horrible jamming

  6. Nemato says


  7. KRVM05 says

    I hate it when I have to read a video!

  8. Deniz S. says

    you should at first show us YOUR assist before you give an introduction

  9. DJY says

    everything was nice about the tutorial but…. (palm to forehead) the music…. sigh

  10. dawatcher88 says

    @Drackaza overall the vid was ok, im glad it wasn't some guy trying to show this with a 240p camera and muffled commentary

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