twins big FASHION SHOW!


The twins walk the big runway in Rookie USA for Nike and Hurley. This vlog takes you through the day as the family and twins prepare for the big show.


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Ami Instagram: @just_aminat
Jersey Instagram: @jerseytayomcclure/
Justin Instagram: @jkmcclure
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  1. the Mighty McClures says

    See more fashion show videos!

  2. Shareese Lowe says

    Omg they're growing up….she don't want her calling her "sissy" anymore. ??

  3. shantan germany says

    Mrs. McClure you said you look crazy with no makeup on but I think you are more beautiful with no makeup up on. Embrace your natural beauty!

  4. Arfreee Kimes says

    Adults seems a bit over zealous, almost forgetting the twins are not merchandise,but still children. They are using them to make money,do not leave out love for the kids, and allow them to be children. Let their thirving happen naturally.

  5. Joyce Dominguez says

    Don't turn into one of them mothers.

  6. Joyce Dominguez says

    I have never seen someone big or small put on a coat like that.

  7. Londyn and Dilyn Yeargin says


  8. Lucid Gospel says

    Ami looks beautiful!!!!!? Justins fit was dope. What shoes were you wearing ?

  9. EntertainmentWorld says

    Lovely family

  10. Waddie walton says


  11. Hailey Pang says

    so brave they did great not great super great

  12. Hailey Pang says

    who’s here after july

  13. Aleisha says

    How come the stylist put make out on them but they aren’t allowed to wear it outside the house?

  14. Martine Tachin says

    I love the mighty mcCres?? is quandzy

  15. Prettygirl kalis says

    Go follow my tiktok and get me to 1.k official._12kaybaby

  16. Paula Moore says

    I want a twin?????

  17. Paula Moore says

    They are so sosososo cut???????

  18. BoxItUp! says

    He's going to be a lawyer and he'll put his suit jacket on like this and impress the judge.

  19. Jada Martin says

    They was so cute when they walk the red carpet

  20. sherneé Santoo says

    I liked at the end when the others turned earlier but she taped her sister and was like to the end then they turned ! Very smart kids ohhh? and jersey is soo cuteeee ! Also for mom and dad awesome job with your kids keep it up also very hot couple I must sayyy ! Mom’s got it going on and dad’s handsome ! ??????????

  21. Gloria Grier says

    Gg love you ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  22. ChloeMp Vlogz says

    Ami’s laugh at 3:08????

  23. brook plays Roblox says

    They got more funny

  24. Grace Katshabala says

    woooow you twins looked … LIKE SUPER MODLES

  25. LMG FREDDY says

    You go ava and Alexis

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