Twins Style Each Other For Paris Fashion Week!!


Soooo we got invited to go to Paris fashion week with Louis Vuitton.. I know we can’t believe it either. We had no clue what we were going to wear each day because we picked each other’s outfits out..


Check out the video we did on Louis Vuitton’s Channel! –

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Ethan’s Stuff

SNAPCHAT – EthanDolan

Grayson’s Things

SNAPCHAT – GraysonDolan

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  1. Elizabeth Morvan says

    Ok but like lets be honest , E and Gray look so good in this video… I mean they always do

  2. Louisa Sibande says

    grayson won

  3. cool boy roco gaming says

    woah the camera mans style is so good wth

  4. XxSapphireRoleplays xX says

    Isn’t almond milk still dairy?

  5. Tan_1o1 says

    2020 but rewatching on a different account😂😂

    Round 1: Ethan won
    Round 2: Ethan again
    Round 3: Grayson because damn, I was out of my seat when I saw those shoes😭😱😱🔥🔥🔥💯

    Round 1: 🤩🤩🤩 I found myself feeling very attracted to Gray in that outfit. I Love the colours🔥🔥🔥

    Round 2: Ethan looked cute in his outfit😍, but the one he picked out for Gray was fantastic 💯💯💯 Gray again liked bad ass in that outfit. But in this round their combo was complementary to each other's outfits.

    Round 3:
    In the words of Ethan to his brother "brooo, you killed this"👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🌹 Grayson held that one down. I wanted both of them to since its the most important outfit, but sorry Eth Gray was just on flames that round

  6. Katey Bunz says

    Stop saying swars

  7. Jay and Elle says

    Why doesn’t Ethans name have Dolan in it

  8. Itz Libby says

    2= Grayson

  9. Jay and Elle says

    Grayson won round 2

  10. Jay and Elle says

    Ethan won round 1

  11. sterls says

    These kids didnt even know they were sitting next to the most iconic french new fashion model. Clara berry wtf shes so fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. autismawareness Liv says

    I don’t understand why LA YouTubers wear freaking sweat suits in JUNE. like HOW.

  13. Klara Debevec says

    First outfit I like more with Orange

  14. Delilah Gustafson says

    Grayson won round 1

  15. Haylee Cyr says

    Grayson won. Hands down

  16. Brandon says

    I think Grayson wins. You sir have great taste.

  17. Jannat Shara says

    Watching old vids. Feels like nostalgia, a movie. The characters only exist my head.

  18. Emma Brickey says

    At 17:45 why did Grayson look like he was 14 again

  19. Robert Bushy says

    Great video!!!!

  20. Linda Trefan says

    26:14 I can't stop laughing at this part 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Joleene Chiang says

    are we not gunna talk about how fine their camera man is

  22. farhan shamsudheen says

    I am glad ethan recovered frm his coachella visit 😂😂😂😂

  23. Rachel Humphrey’s Channel says


  24. Rambo Yatt says

    that shit was not drip

  25. Dolans_fanpage_ofc says

    Who else came here to get clips for editing only me ok

  26. eggs are beautiful says

    b r u h

  27. Crystal Bell says

    1. Eithan 2. Eithan 3. Grayson

  28. Umo Abiha says

    This time eathen dressed Grayson better

  29. SSShy_ Girl says

    1 Grayson’s outfit for Ethan 2 Ethan’s outfit for Grayson 3 Grayson’s outfit for Ethan

  30. Gyanvi jain says

    Progress level: Ethan Dolan👏🏼

  31. Muminah J says

    23:36 me when I see the dolan twins for the first time

  32. Nicola Nimo says


  33. lameez mungalee says

    Ethan won round 1

  34. Marlene Cardoza says

    I'm sorry but that orange shirt did not match with those constellation pants

  35. Anna Fishburn says

    21:27 to 22:19

  36. LNXE Y says

    Ethan drop that pimple cream pleeease

  37. LNXE Y says

    The airport outfit Grayson did a better job at picking an outift. But also got to go first.

  38. Im Tyranitard says

    I thought Ethan was ilrigic to almond milk

  39. Isabelle Hofer says

    Round 2 Ethan won

  40. Isabelle Hofer says

    Round 1 Ethan looks better. Grayson got my vote, but Ethan did good too

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