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  1. ArtTabletNoob34 says

    sniff sniffi smell…. F O R E S H A D O W I N G

  2. District of Demiwizards says

    "As losers, we have fought together for years"I thought he had said "users" instead of "losers" and I was like "ooookkkkkaaaayyyy"

  3. Grass Man says

    This is my least favourite song in the play, but Micheals laugh makes the whole thing worth it

  4. District of Demiwizards says

    It says "no homo" but Im like "no homo totally means full homo" my brain is sooooo weird

  5. lolxd says

    nothing triggers me more than people spelling michael as micheal

  6. Joshua says

    this is so cringe bruh, *vomits.

  7. rexxyvec ! says

    Two play gayme

  8. Bina 0606 says


  9. sophie loves uglydolls and Be more chill says

    When you're playing fortnite ????

  10. Cemetery Sunsets says

    sings in gay

  11. Jay Steele says

    Asdfkllajdl I was trying to rehearse and the fucking No Homo had me crying fuck you

  12. graci e says

    no homo

  13. Dorian Airington says

    imagine: Jeremy, Michael, and Christine are in a happy loving triad, all in college together 2 years after the events of the play. Jeremy and Michael snuggle in their seats to watch Christine in her leading role in every play at the college theatre department and she supports them by bringing snacks to all their tournaments in video game club.

  14. Snake - Eye says

    But like y e s h o m o tho

  15. Frozen Brain says


  16. The King of Morons says

    Y E S H O M O

  17. Uhh433 says

    Me listing to this for the first time: There such good friends. Nothing can end there friendship.Me now: Never not gonna be a team? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  18. felix's freckles says

    I was rewatching this and the “no homo” made me laugh so hard I fell off my chair

  19. Kathryn Willis says

    I was scrolling through the comments and saw three comments in a row that said “n o h o m o”

  20. LPS_Angel _Daschund says

    i don't understand why a guy can't say another guy is his favorite person without it being gay.please explain.

  21. Non-binary Royalty says

    Let’s just say we all know Micheal is gay but JEREMY IS BI!!!! ?

  22. Ari DeVito says

    2:46 Jeremy: “yeah, we’re never not gonna be a team”SQUIP: “Hold my non-alcoholic beer”

  23. dani says

    The fact that George Salazar ships it too ??

  24. Jason Martin says

    No homo

  25. Aquakuriu says

    mY gæ rAdAR –

  26. ireland doesn't exist says


  27. Danara De Jong says

    What do you mean they aren't dating

  28. CaseyCo says

    2:38 for Michael being cute and gay

  29. NocteraTea 77 says

    Well apparently i'm gonna be the best in collage-

  30. buff barney says


  31. emma uwu says

    I just discovered Be More Chill and I am obsessed yeehaw

  32. Evelyn Deen says

    Am I the only one who thinks the line "Dude you are cooler than a vintage cassette, it's just that no one but me thinks that yet" is super cute?

  33. Evelyn Deen says

    Don't listen to this song and think about Michael crying alone in the bathroom… Not that I did that and got really upset or anything

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