1. Adriano Boller says

    Is it possible to share the code to study?

  2. bckkm says

    Totally isn't working. I have downloaded it on both roku and android and nothing looks like this video. There isn't even a place to chose a device to direct anything to anything. Very weird. There are 2 pages on the roku app and nothing happens.

  3. BananaPeal0 says

    Can it stream HD video? How well can it transcode video?

  4. Billy Chua says

    does the phone need open? or just the wifi?

  5. Martin Usher says

    This is not as powerful as a real server but its well adequate for home use because its small, quiet and doesn't use any power to speak of (especially on standby). I've got a real server blade, its a Dell left over from a project; it weighs about 20lbs, it sounds like a jet engine spooling up when you start it and it probably uses a fair amount of power. Its totally OTT for home use. My MyBook sits in a closet quietly minding its own business, you don't even know its there.

  6. SpiderHack says

    Actually, This isn't "Backwards thinking at its WORST!!!!" there are TONS of solutions, if you take the time to look for them, to view streams from some place on your android device. The goal of this is to provide the "opposite" of what you want, (which there is a smaller market/need, but still a market for users) Don't get upset that this isn't the program YOU are looking for.

  7. daemonk9 says

    can you view internet browsing on the tv?

  8. S. R.K says

    Woooow you were able to see movies stored opn nexus one (around 200 MB available, around 20 MB free space) on TV ….
    What kind of shift can you store with 20 MB????
    Next step: store file on NAS and watch from the device (how about the maometto and the mountain?) windows wins!!!!

  9. gaiaxzero says

    works good threw pc, video and music come out clear, on ps3 music is good, no pauses, or freezing, but with video it sucks ass on ps3 even with other formats. works well with xbox 360 though.

  10. neil isted says

    Backwards thinking at its WORST!!!!

    forward thinking would have been to get android to play FROM a media server/ps3/pc !!!

  11. xcorpox says

    but that is just server, is there a media manager equivalent ?

  12. Adil Yitiz says

    Has to be on the same wifi network.

  13. Matthew H says

    Does the Android device have to be on the same WiFi as the other device? Or can it sync via the mobile network?

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