Tyreek Hill is *TOO FAST* in Football Universe Heroes Mode


Today we played ROBLOX Football Universe Heroes Mode with Tyreek Hill and he is *TOO FAST*.




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  1. Monte says

    Hey you havn't even finished the video… scroll back up!Also, if anyone is having issues with rblx land, join the discord in the description for help! ITS LEGIT!!

  2. Animeamv Zezelitboy says

    How do I get heroes

  3. Timothy Davidyuk says

    man yu a god

  4. Elijah Lampkin says

    i have a issue joining the discord it says "invite valid"

  5. Sports Production highlights says

    What’s tyreek hill cleats

  6. frvb efv says

    monte can i get ur hill for 600k rap? btw there all ellites

  7. Anthony Williams says

    How I get that balk when it said fumble defense inrecover

  8. shantell robinson says

    Can u pls add me and give me dreads any kind on roblox and my name is miach19017

  9. breonna yates says

    Monte i love ur vids <3

  10. Joey Playz says

    I’m not sure if I’m correct but At 9:55 do you have the Lamar Jackson person……………..??

  11. duffy boi says

    Do you not get rank points or whatever they called in heros?

  12. CRISTIN PENA says

    can you do more hero modez

  13. biggity says

    I rlly want a Tyreek Hill.

  14. Darryl Cortazar says

    Monte can u pls say yes bc I was scared yesterday ummmm can u give me tyreek hill mine is gone I'm only a kid I was crying

  15. Dante Young says

    can u give me a hero if i like subscribe and trun on bell

  16. Levi Hirokane says


  17. alika rose says

    Llartz my friend

  18. iiray uwuii lIgmA says

    3:58 you just summoned kawhi leonard

  19. Noah Colon says

    Woah why u got a trash skin in FBU ? Lol

  20. Thomas Cleveland says

    I hate when you dome noobs then they tackle you they say “sit” Like they just destroyed you ?

  21. TheFireKing says

    does rblx really work

  22. Nikki Price says

    Monte your so cool I watch your vid everyday

  23. alana Ellard says

    Awesome video

  24. Keon Whaley says

    Do u catch with c

  25. Pepper Cheese says

    Is rblx.land actually real?

  26. Bruh Soldier says

    No one: Monte ah ha ha

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