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Ubisoft commits to keeping their next gen releases for this fall the same price as current gen releases, we get a look at the Halo Infinite box art, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon is announced for PS5. Get your fix.


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  1. PsVita Warrior says

    Hi gaming community, ubi is talking about cross-gen games, so we all know that those games are current-gen (you're not the first clever man on earth to see that), but they're talking about versions compatible with next-gen hardware. So maybe you're gonna see some cross-gen games that will cost you more on next-gen versions. So the real problem is the new game price, not some outdated game engine. And one more thing, ghost of tsushima fast loading times, while loading the game itself or fast traveling ensures that developers could do more with the hardware they have if they want to.

  2. Abhimanyu Venugopal says

    I come from the underground simp community. And I have finally found the holy grail that is the daily fix!

  3. Denis Mhango says

    "Roll the thing"…. lol….. I dont know why I like that so much. But anyways you may keep reading the comments.

  4. Mixey says

    They should keep next gen fall games at the same price because they look the same as the current gen

  5. Omadtist says

    we are waiting in shadows cuz of our sins,my comrades stay strong,our day will come,we will hear "hello si.."

  6. Game Breakers says

    $70 game is more likely to be pirated especially games like 2k NBA that recycle its game every year.

  7. Matt says

    The world doesn't know…

  8. NuggetBucket says

    Just don't buy 2k games

  9. Sad Stormtrooper says

    Wait there are publishers that are going to charge us more than $60 for the base game now? And extra for dlc? WTF, this is getting ridiculous

  10. Sunrise Alex says

    Is the current-gen price a standard one, like in the middle?Not too cheap but also not too expensive?

  11. BBFaNaTiC86 says

    They can leave the prices the same cause they have at least 3 different versions of all their games to buy, ranging anywhere from $60 – $120+.

  12. Danny Stopford says

    This is to make them look slightly better in the eyes of consumers after the shitshow of the last month or so. Do not be fooled.

  13. Zero says

    Ubisoft is doing something "decent"?

  14. Tadeo Gil says

    This Yves Guillermo sounds like a fantastic chap

  15. theoriginalfauxbot says

    Also Ubisoft: let’s protect sexual abusers

  16. Andrew Matthews says

    Probably won’t buy a next gen console for a while. My gut tells me there going to keep things at 60 dollars till everyone has next gen consoles. Then once your locked in charge 70 dollars. Screwing people over.

  17. LazerBabyCatastrophe says

    IGN why aren't you talking more about Ubisoft protecting all of the rapists that work there and calling them out for the sexual assaults?

  18. Joachim Lothrik says

    They need to cost more nowadays. They are soo expensive to make

  19. Joachim Lothrik says

    They make so much extra cash on dlc and other stuff this is a really obvious way to go xD

  20. mystical donut says

    You are cute and hot sydnee goodman

  21. Lashor says

    As they should

  22. Lion Sin says

    $60 base game + $10-$40 dlc(or more, depending on what kind of dlc it is)I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  23. Zardoz Xerxes says

    I mean… Most Ubi games are all formats, be a bad look to charge more only on consoles because they "next gen".

  24. Stephen S says

    Yea 60 for the first half of the game then another 40 for the dlc that has the second half

  25. Marcus Aurelius says

    The Xbox showcase better be perfect or IGN will push the narrative that Xbox is already behind in the next-gen "console war".

  26. peter pan says

    Why charge more for some extra polygons xbox x games same price as xbox 1 which runs lower resolution. Any game over £50 is over priced.

  27. Tastit says

    Next-Gen game?Ubisoft's next-gen games are worse than Last-gen, their games should not cost more than $30.

  28. kmden Rt says

    I don't really care about the prices at this point. Just let us see some next gen games.

  29. Aditya Gupta says

    After the borderlands 3 thing I have lost trust in 2k not that I had any to begin with

  30. Chrono Breaker says

    Thx syd by the news but i think im gonna wait a year for the price and new models of consoles come out, i was a slready adopter but im upset, because 4 months later a new model was in the market, no thx! I have a lot of pending games on my ps4 pro and xbox x, mmm switch to.Halo, vallhala and cyberpunk comes to xbox x, and yakuza 7 to ps4, so i dont have hurry

  31. MKGaming says

    $59.99 (2006) amounts to $80.30 (2020) So no people, 2k isn’t being greedy!!!

  32. Doomtrigger says

    why is there even a price increase to begin with? Next gen consoles will have the same graphics as current gen Oooooo faster hard drives and cpu speeds Games should be $60 until we can jack in to games

  33. x919 says

    2k is just losers putting ads in a full-price game and now raising prices. No one should buy their games at the garbage price they've put on it. Now if CD Projekt wanted to make cyberpunk $70 most people wouldn't complain. 2k should just do what EA does with Fifa Ultimate team and they won't have to worry about money again.

  34. Tsar Kalinka says

    It's because they aren't really next gen

  35. Andrew Eder says

    2k :$70Ubi: $60Everybody else: $??Look at the Nintendo switch it's games are at $60 and that's before covid

  36. Avirup Moulick says

    syd just how many dresses do you have,every single daily fix i see a new one. i wish i had so many.

  37. Eriko. Oy says

    Shouldn't Ubi be more worried about the whole "women don't sell games" thing?

  38. Tom William says

    Don't think I've ever played a game I thought was worth £70 honestly

  39. ACanadian says

    Seinfeld puffy shirt?!?

  40. Tony Gunk says

    Rdr2 cost = $100+million Profits = $1.8bThere should be absolutely no reason to "up" the prices of games, the profit margin is unreal.. and projected profits for next year will be almost $200bRaising prices = money hungry

  41. Edmund Mondo says

    This is devastating news, for next gen games I expect next gen prices!

  42. TomoDaniel says

    Crys in EU 80$

  43. METAL 4K says

    IGN thinks Valhalla is next gen. Its not.

  44. orbita says

    Perhaps I treated you to harshly

  45. Gaming Tonight says

    Could people please remember that publishers, when selling at retail, made about $10 profit per item. A Digital sale makes them about $30-$38 on the $60 price!

  46. ValGene says

    Of course they don't need to charge more for the games. They make more than enough money from the dozens of microtransactions that they have shamelessly worked into single player story driven games.

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