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  1. minix Bezzax says

    Mannys issue is that he hasn’t got a set formation or tactic and because of that he’s putting players in formations and roles that aren’t made for them like eze for example he’s a CAM not a RM or LM.

  2. victoria helburn says


  3. marvin huraira says

    Brudda if you listen to one comment from this just hear me out, bin your entire defence, bring in Alphonso Davies (lb), E.Ampadu + N.Perez (CBs), Tomas Tavares (rb) and bro bin your goalie and go all out for Pope or even Henderson. Your attackers and mid are a problem but youve got a solid enough attack to get through the season flipping hell I mean you have Arp just use him correct youve Maddison too, build from the back gg

  4. Bruce Reijnders says

    Man is hating on Eze every time and then plays him every game

  5. Liam Slaney says

    Need next bid many , when is it dropping

  6. Liam Slaney says

    I watch you lads why I play FM, good see u got my guy tonali too rate him highly

  7. RL7 says

    Pretty sure I saw takeover rumours among them emails, pressure building Manny ?

  8. Wyatt Swart says

    Yo mate can I ask where is the rest of your The Journey I went back in time and started watching alot of the journey so just liked to know??♥️

  9. Vieri Adhitya says

    ajer is first class

  10. George Stewart says

    I this was i while ago but what was your thoughts on rangers


    manny u should never have signed mustafi ngl hes too dead


    this burnley team wtf its so good

  13. Christian Langset Hillestad says

    Can you stop complaining so much?

  14. Ed Sharp says

    I think the game makes sense but the gameplay is poorly animated and so it looks dumb and so that's what's frustrating

  15. Kasper Andersen says

    Let me just put it out there: Manny is a really bad FM manager. He really doesn't understand the game mechanics. Furthermore I've never seen anyone act so poorly on the transfer market…

  16. Joe Jackson says

    best series out there

  17. guy says

    great video. it would be better with better audio of your mates. great job tho bro

  18. Hai imeddie says

    you only need one playmaker in the whole of the midfield

  19. elliott v says

    I think it’s more you made so many signings that have never played together there’s no chemistry or fluidity and continually chanting tactics before every game means they aren’t familiar I also noticed you don’t pay attention i your assistant the advice gives you in games is valuable

  20. Daniel Connor says

    everyone thinking viz has some secret tactic but really he’s just the only one playing the game with a level head.

  21. Crytax says

    Was it ever confirmed that manny and fifamonstahh were the same person or was that just a theory

  22. Sofusbl says

    U should buy Andreas skov Olsen top 5 rw on fm

  23. The contest's Eclipso says

    You need to stop selling players so willy nilly the players you have dont respect the badge and dont have links with each other this creates a shit team even if some of the players are insane which they are not on your team

  24. Armands 7 says

    Y can’t you just accept viz has made incredible signings

  25. Cameron Caldwell says

    Why did he change formation?

  26. Cory Beck says

    Lowkey want vikram to do well

  27. TangentBowl says

    I love the series and all, but I just feel like pretty much nobody is actually enjoying themselves doing it

  28. Alnenda Hernandez says

    25:05 without context…

  29. Chewa - Hard Rough Good Content says

    I uploaded my first vid for fm20, check it out if u want thanks

  30. Αγγελος Βιταλης says

    “We need to do everything in our power to stop Viz from getting a result against us”Very poor choice of words

  31. Aidiniho B says

    Is Ethan actually going to play in the save ??

  32. EastEnders Clips says


  33. Riley Price says


  34. Lee Gooner Savage says

    I’m happy to see you lose because of the abuse to vikrham

  35. Shan Aujla says

    Manny don't use more then one playmaker (AP and DLP)

  36. Abdallah Uwais says

    Manny it's almost always a bad idea to tell your team you're happy at half time. When you're beating a team you're expecting to beat but by a small margin, tell them you're not happy. Raise their standards. When you're beating a team better than you, warn them against complacency. Only tell them you're happy when you're up by a cushion. Also, CM: Exequiel Palacios. You're welcome

  37. Pro Fifa Gamer says

    Does anyone know about the in game editor. I need help using it ?

  38. Smith89123 says

    Is Viz Knap

  39. Jack Fostekew says

    Never subscribed to manny because he betrayed spencer

  40. Jam3s 07 says

    Heads flying???

  41. Bruno Surrador 21 says

    The first thing you need to do in order to succed at FM is to improve your defense and midfield. The strikers don't matter that much. You need to build up a massive wall in front of your net. Strikers get you goals and win games, but a defense wins you championships

  42. R Tajik says

    Mustafi and eze were not the move

  43. Bmoc1995 says

    Eze is actually shit in FM

  44. Sam JH says

    Why you give Vik Leeds I don’t want us to get relegated

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