1. Kevin Davies says

    Farage won this debate hands down, actually he does in all debates on the corrupt and inane EU, that is why I am voting UKIP from now on, agree with him 100%

  2. SvenTviking says

    Recognition of the failure of the EU is not a right wing only view. Tony Benn held it. The demarkation is between intelligent and stupid, critical and naive, free thinker and fanatic. The EU threatens both the workers and the entrepreneurs as it is intended to become an empire of bureaucrats milking the people of Europe with incompetence and corruption. The only way it can survive is by ground up revision and reconstruction. But the politicians and bureaucrats have no intention to change, they are all on the gravy train. So, Britain must lead the way and leave.

  3. king norfolk says

    Anyone who wants to back the immigrants can fuck right of because you have no clue, if you do back them your mist likely working in a business with a steady wage so not self employed,in which case I hope you don't Bach immigrants because before you know it the british won't exist … And to think we owned a 1/3 of the world, thanks to Francis drake mind you. What a disgrace we are now…

  4. king norfolk says

    Because you get 5 polish blokes loving in a room for months then sending the money home hence why Poland now has a better economy than Britain, it doesent help that we stuck millions on other countries in charity before our own, immigratin has fucked this country up, and any self ritious s

  5. king norfolk says

    Look no offence but a lot of you do not see what the influx of immigrants does first hand. I'm a floor layer my prices have gone gone down

  6. Lynda Smith says

    This is the reason Labour voters are going UKIP especially on this issue,

  7. nathan says

    great interview, summed it all up perfectly!

  8. Boomer Galactica says

    Bring back Kelvin McKenzie

  9. marshalllucky says

    Livingstone should jump ship and join UKIP . Nigel is going places . Vote UKIP

  10. John Burman says

    Livingstone has been there and done it. I am reading his memoirs and although he was an opportunist socialist/communist when young he speaks normal language now, it seems he has mellowed. Farage is on the way up and a little bit hysterical at times. I think Europe could become more right wing as a reaction to this EU fiasco. If it breaks up these countries might become even more atavistic – retrogressive.

  11. Ron Wordwelder says

    Livingstone recognises that the EU was created by globalists bent on political consolidation, but fails to recognise (or fails to mention) the fascist origins of the EU and rather perpetuates the myth of liberal, anti-war intentions watch?v=7Nf5KeC4dAs

  12. frankos rooni says

    Ok –but I won't make a habit of it

  13. john robertson says

    Europe has to worry more about criminal gangs from uk ,especially islamic terrorists ,who can now go to bulgaria with a bomb.

  14. john robertson says

    Control our own borders, we can stop the infidels coming here from europe .Now we can have our own laws ,how many wifes do you want ?

  15. john robertson says

    The anti eu in europe are all exstremists,

  16. john robertson says

    Thats cos the brits liberated it

  17. dave hall says

    the real Nazi's are in brussels.

  18. dave hall says

    left and right agree that the EU stinks, listen to people like bob crow on the left.

  19. Dáin II Ironfoot says

    1.04 Farage turns into a pepperoni lol

  20. daniel clarke says

    The left of the labour has generally been eurosceptic

  21. chris hawkins says

    Is Ken going to vote UKIP?

  22. john robertson says

    You will get more bullshit religion if we pull out of the e.u and become owned by rich arabs.

  23. john robertson says

    Its all polands fault ,maybe we should invade them?

  24. Bumbling Brit says

    Are Bankers Britain's version of the Kulaks?

  25. Anonymous Defence League - STOP George Soros says

    In a speech he gave in a London mosque. Look it up. There's also a video here on youtube.

  26. Motorwinter says

    So would I if they would mobilise properly in Northern Ireland.

  27. Motorwinter says

    Hear Hear!

  28. Motorwinter says

    The US is our only hope! If they go down then we go down, say what you like about the US but at least the people there are free not like here where the PC brigade have left us in the situation that young girls can be abused by Muslim gangs and the Police, Social workers and Care home staff turn a blind eye for 9 years due to their fuckin cultural sensitivities. Wouldn't happen in the states.

  29. Motorwinter says

    Traitor yes but smart with it, he see's the writing on the wall unlike most of the useful idiot left.

  30. Motorwinter says

    Damn right! What they couldn't take by force they are now taking by stealth, that wall should have stayed in place for a thousand years to keep germany down, and now the likes of Cameron, Clegg and that wart Milliband are giving away what so many lost their lives to protect, Freedom.

  31. Motorwinter says

    Blow out yer ass you Fascist twat, I'm sure there's more than Jews working in the Finance sector, look to the last labour govt with their social engineering (very Hitler that) and incompetent prolific spending. those are the assholes who released the banks to play their games, those are the assholes who rescued the banks with taxpayers money, and finally those are the assholes who emptied the coffers. I don't think there were many Jews working for them. read something other than mien kampf.

  32. Motorwinter says

    There you have it! Left & Right in agreement about breaking up this shambles, act now Tories dump that anchor Cameron and call a referendum, binary choice in-out.

  33. Anonymous Defence League - STOP George Soros says

    Livingstone is a fuckin' traitor. He once said he will make London a "Beacon of Islam".

  34. tre243t says

    The U.S. is a disaster and as Ron Paul says – the Federal Reserve is undemocratic – the U.S. is run by a group of unelected bankers. Also, the amounts of money involved is difficult to actually quantify — What IS a 'Trillion'? Most people live so far from Washington they cannot see what goes on – very easy to corrupt the system and of course the system is VERY corrupt!

  35. IlenKhatta says

    It concerns me greatly that both Labour's and the Conservatives' best politicians are their London mayoral candidates. Marginalised because they're too rational (yes, Boris!), too focused on real world politics rather than party tradeoffs.

  36. jonathan nunn says

    I will be voting UKIP keep up the great work nigel

  37. PeterboroughTom says

    One of the first times I've agreed with a left-wing politician!

  38. Jan Tichavský says

    But they are clearly not the opposite in the economical spectrum. It's easy to label left and right but there two or more axes, not just one.

  39. Richard Abbott says


  40. Ernest Hartland says

    Could you be so kind as to explain your statement please?

  41. Cyrus255 says

    The reason SOME on the Left can agree that the EU is a bad thing is because it takes money OUT OF Britain to give it to Left wing governments in OTHER countries, when a TRUE leftist would want it spent at home.

    Democracy is usually a competition of liars. Good, honest men like Nigel Farage are constantly demonized and attacked by the propaganda arm of the elite. I just pray you never turn into a Republic. Westminster is full of Cromwellian tyrants.

    God Save the Queen! And God Save Britain!

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