1. Nih Joo says


  2. Higinio Raventós says

    This song sums up my childhood. Thanks UO!

  3. halil özdemir says

    Ağladım lan

  4. Phil Schultz says

    Still miss this game every day

  5. Dellani Oakes says

    How do you know you've played too much UO? When you walk into the bank and look for loot on the ground.

  6. Tyler cheeseman says

    Technically, the events of UO transpire well before U7. So in theory the roots of the fellowship could have been formed in this time. I love this song! (in both UO and U7)

  7. Arkhandroid says

    This song was definitely in UO if you played it back during the original days (vanilla/T2A).

    Just because you don't remember it doesn't mean it wasn't there.

    UO recycled music from other Ultima games. It's allowed to. It's Ultima.

  8. rythn says

    love this song. Nice memories from Ultima Online!

  9. Shadow_Link says

    @hellgrazer6 Me neither.I played the old version and the first version.The version before the samurai class,and the version with the samurai.

  10. Shadow_Link says

    @hellgrazer6 Why the hell does the fellowship exist in ultima online? In ultima 7,we find out very quickly that something is very wrong.In serpent isle,we kill batlin.

  11. Shadow_Link says

    Wow.I thought the fellowship fell after ultima 7 the serpent isle.
    What the hell? Why did it survive if batlin was evil?

  12. Forfeitdemeanor says

    Damn, epic.

  13. Xelights says

    They should make Ultima Online 2!

  14. Julian Garcia says

    Die guten alten Erinnerungen

  15. Adino1 says

    @Deepblue466 He obviously means the Ultima series. There were 4 games in the series by 1987.

  16. Adino1 says

    @RobTG Who were you on Legends?

  17. RezoLP says

    @Funhulk Spielst du auf Vetus Mundus ? das ist nämlich ein sehr guter free shard !

  18. RobTG says

    Going from Dial-up on AOL Legends to cable on Siege was fucking crazy. Shadowclan for life.

  19. RyanBlazeheart says

    They stopped playing songs like this after the release of Lord Blackthorn's Revenge or so I've heard.

  20. Demran says

    The best game ever – brings memories back.. that music alone ahh ah

  21. Hemlawk AKA EDK says

    Playing UO on my Gateway pc back in '98. P2 400mhz , 256mb ram, 13gig hdd, 32mb vid card. YA! I was king!

  22. BrokenToe says

    Isnt this an Ultima 7 song, not UO???

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