1. Phoenix Dawn says

    This is so amazing!

  2. Adino1 says


  3. Banzay27 says

    Sounds very characteristic. Good tune.

  4. nutscorp says

    i'll never forget those lich lords, drakes and other 80+ magery monsters waiting for us… and no guards

  5. OLee82 says

    They removed the skill requirement? … :-/
    When did they do that? I stopped playing around 2006 but I don't remember if it was still there back then.

  6. Hemlawk AKA EDK says

    I enetered the city once, it was neat! I was still somewhat a noob and in AWE of this game.

  7. je m'en calisse says

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  8. turtal46 says

    Have 81.5 magery?

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