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Uncharted 4 is the best game to watch a loved one play. Here’s why.

Special thanks to this channel for some of their beauty shots:

And another special thanks to this channel for documenting this game’s insane details:

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  1. L Deluxe says

    Better do that review on the last of us part 2 soon

  2. Shervin Tennakoon says

    She’s gonna be a great story teller to their kids

  3. muchlas dwi says

    please tell your perspective about the last of us 2, can't wait for your well-said review

  4. J-Lon says

    Normal people walking over bridges: nothing happensNathan Drake walks over a bridge: bridge falls, knocks down nearby building, shoves a car into his back, knocks him underwater to inside a cave where the rocks are caving in.

  5. BenBenOy says

    Wish y'all uploaded your gameplay your explanation and presentation is really enjoyable. I'm subbed.

  6. Somebody Hello says

    I kinda found this game the worst out of all I’ve ever played (I’m not a gamer but still…) I found it super short and boring

  7. ShinyHunter A07 says

    This review restored my faith in you, after that really bad review of Jedi Fallen Order

  8. Mac C says

    When you used Brenda to describe how you got roped into watching games with the last of us being the beginning I subbed ? love your editing! Amazing. ?

  9. Leonardo di parma says

    From a former editor for TV broadcasting, I praise your skills , well done??

  10. akilah1595 says


  11. Devan B. says

    Whenever my brother plays any Naughty Dog game and my grandfather's there to watch we keep having to repeatedly remind him that it's not a movie. It's cute that when we stop playing he asks, 'Are you going to continue watching the movie tomorrow?', cuz' he'd then ask us to wait for him cuz' he wants to see it too.

  12. Jezza Lenko says

    Haha…Brenda! I love this channel

  13. neamraven says

    I haven't watched this channel so maybe I'm missing something, but a few minutes into this video I'm already thinking 'this person does not understand video games'. So it comes as no surprise that she praises a game that isn't really a game while she bashes every single element that makes games great and makes them GAMES.

  14. Please Pay No Attention To Me Thank You! says

    I'm just glad Nathan got out in time before Naughty Dog went to shit

  15. MrOvertoad says

    You know what would be great? In Uncharted 5, we got to watch our beloved character Nathan Drake have his head violently smashed in by Chloe and Nadine. Then in a preachy revenge story that manipulates you into caring for someone who you really have no investment in. Nathan’s daughter goes on a rampage, killing all of Chloe and Nadines friends and family only to not finally kill both ladies when she has a chance. That would be a great game to play!

  16. Tsar Peter I says

    No it isn’t

  17. hugoadancampuzano says

    lol, i love u… and your boyfriend!

  18. Caleb K. says

    Pinical of backseat gaming

  19. Ginger King DS says

    You had to ruin the video with TLOU2… You HAD TO RUIN the video with how badly you wanted TLOU2 to come out, when you could've left well enough alone…

  20. Bruce L says

    "But every time they pause to fondle their balls inside a menu screen.." hahahahah

  21. Gary says

    If anyone sees this comment then please answer: Do you have to play the Uncharted games in order or is it like Final Fantasy where each one has its own story?

  22. Handsome Vulture says

    For back seat gaming where you’ll pretty much the same input as the player, try Catherine.

  23. Frodo Baggins says

    This is why it's so easy to decide to play games like Uncharted or The Last of Us yet again. You don't have to grind for hours in order to be able to win against the boss and the boss doesn't have to be a 20 meter tall gigantic monster that takes 2 hours to beat.

  24. Not a Snake says

    TBH Uncharted 4 was my least favourite of the series (still loved it) mostly cos the whole surprise brother plot.

  25. GreatestBot says

    My bro would actually sit down behind me while I play this game

  26. Unnat Biswal says

    Who else gets goosebumps from the soundtrack, i am going to miss Uncharted?..

  27. Scott D says

    Oh…it's only on PlayStation. No wonder I have never been interested in this game.

  28. MrSmitheroons says

    You might like "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice." It has a basically linear story, no HUD, and the pause menu is a plain font with a few technical settings on a solid gray background.It's also a schizophrenia simulator with Norse gods, puzzles, and combat on top.Darker than 90% of games on a psychological level, but also very cool.

  29. Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I says

    That scary movie reference is golden ?

  30. bemaholic says

    You should also play/review the first 3 Uncharted games. I promise you'll be amazed how the games are so ahead of their time in terms of graphics, plot, acting, mechanics, set pieces, etc. Anyways really love this channel just 7k more and we'll hit the million! 1

  31. Anurag Agarwal says

    I can hear Shelby saying 'Hol' up a minute' for my whole life.

  32. Sacboi refachero says

    I'm playing this beautiful masterpiece another time in the most hard difficult and bro I can't God damn believe who a game with soo many grafics and fight and absolutely everything just come out some years ago AND STILL BEEN AMAZING!!!!

  33. MegaJf16 says

    Actual gamers don't really like games like this. We don't want to play a movie.

  34. jeff bridges says

    would your bf play the other 3 uncharted games?

  35. LuLu says

    For me, back in 2013 my brother was hyped to play TheLast Of Us, and that time I wasn’t really interested to play a full game (when I was a kid i used to like playing video games) but after I so him playing The Last Of Us, when Joel saved Ellie from the hospital, I was very interested. & from that time I’m obsessed with video games!! (especially Naughty Dog games)

  36. Dulce Álvarez says

    0:56 that was my reaction when i saw it while playing damn!

  37. Payon de says

    When I finished this game, I spent a good 3 days in a strange bliss/depression.

  38. Abilai Abdikadir says

    I started crying because of that10 second scene of last of us. oh well

  39. Shab - re says

    imagine if the actual name of game was uncharted 4: a girlfriends review

  40. Diego R. de la Rosa says

    Ok, the Brenda clip. Hilarious

  41. sai giridhar says

    You guys are probably the best game reviewers on YouTube. ?

  42. kayla glass says

    I wished I liked the uncharted games I played part of one and watched my bf play them and I was bored. I liked Tomb Raider though, whitch to me takes the same format.

  43. Przemek Sz says

    watching joel in last of us 1 breaks my heart what those assholes did to him in part 2

  44. Abraham Holder says

    I love your reviews. They’re so much fun!

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