1. ZNathan Animations says

    ITS SO BAD and Unorganized , thats why i didnt continue thisAnyways read the descriptions for more details =w=And Get those notifications ready for ACT 9.ACT 9 will be coming out this Month

  2. Kritika Ray says

    i like the video but like your older video

  3. Franko_kid 890 says

    I can so relate to that animator laziness (Animation is not bad though)

  4. jessie james joaquin says

    Hey znathan can you make a minecraft animation for the scythe girl because orrion,daemon,nathan has their own act so pls can you make thx

  5. DJ purple FLAME says

    Next time just think about if this is a series that interests you instead just test it for views

  6. No Skin Blonderteufel_YT says


  7. Emmi Tambunan says

    ITS SUCK but its ok u work hard for this 🙂

  8. Matthew Joslyn says

    It actually doesn’t look that bad to be honest. There are some improvements you could make with the animations, and characters. But besides that it looks pretty solid.

  9. Lucas Caleb Cabacungan Suelto says

    those are cool weapons,do you have a download link or did you make those yourself?Also,that animation alone is better than my animations lol.

  10. Jolo Benecio says

    Im excited for the new act

  11. Jolo Benecio says

    Znathan can tou pls tell what act is new

  12. Jolo Benecio says

    Its ok for this its not too bad

  13. Jolo Benecio says

    Wow znathan i always watck you from act one and more act

  14. Element of fire Fire says

    Paano napapunta jaan si teofel 😊😊

  15. Doctor Anime, Clinic: Youtube says

    I really like the character models and weapon designs. I understand why you wouldn't want to animate a second series on top of the first, but it has a lot of potential! Also, was that Jeff and QC Animation in the background?

  16. JessSkater /Jessica says

    Like a song that

  17. JessSkater /Jessica says

    Wow that so cool. I like song😁

  18. Fresh Canda says

    Nice :O

  19. The boi :3 says

    To me Nathan you will always be one of the best:3 it’s not finished but I like it ÙwÚ

  20. Joey playz says

    To be honest I like it.

  21. Jochem Van Den TOP says

    I don't think its bad

  22. BADKIDX8 says

    It looks like it will be awesome it just needs some work

  23. MCballons UwU says

    2:06 I like this character looks great UwU


    ……Nothing……… seriously nothing …Bruh stop going down this will waste your timeAre you seriously wasting your time on this?!I told you this will wast your time >:3

  25. Yousof M wiiU says

    i kinda like the animation but i have to ask what rig are you using?

  26. Jochem Van Den TOP says

    I don't hate it tho

  27. Can Dang says

    Youre right its bad and unorganized BUT at least u know how to make animations and not like me being SUPER LAZY on work. The fact that u said youre lazy is not true for me at least

  28. wikison43 brawl stars i inne gry says

    0:58 jeffvix

  29. Drace_ shadow says


  30. Kaiyden Chappell says

    The fight looked fine AND IT WAS EPIC KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK can’t wait for ACT 9

  31. Gavin Burgess says

    Its goodPls fix the new series plsI CANT WAIT FOR ACT9 PLS CONTINUE

  32. Nage says

    Its like a t-post walk

  33. Nage says

    It was soo cool when they walk

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