United and Chelsea in UCL So What Next? | Bruno Fernandes Changed The Way Manchester United Play Now


Manchester United beat Leicester City and Chelsea beat Wolves to qualify for next season’s Champions League.

04:35 Talks on Leicester City’s season
09:06 Talks on Chelsea’s season

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  1. Paul Brown says

    The host of this programme looks like he was out partying till just before the football kicked off, what a way to look on a live TV show wow.?

  2. m.saadiq7 says

    Bruno Bruno!! He’s our Portuguese magnifico??


    Man u in this much form is never Bruno… Pogba and matic coming back to the team

  4. souixds says

    I am a Chelsea fan and when Liverpool (Trent Alexander Arnold) scored from a controversial warded freekick there was much-justified anger from Lampard. In this game to me, it was the same thing. We did not have the perfect angle to see what happened, a front or side view would have been better. He did pull his leg away and from what I can see it was well worked by Alonso. I also remember the game where Jorghino should have been sent off but eventually scored a very important goal for us, then another game where Maguire should have been sent off and wasn't but scored against us after. It happens sometimes in your favour and sometimes not. I just shrug it off as karma or just the football stars putting things right.

  5. Critical Thinker says

    Bruno is a amazing but What changed the way we play is team selection ie not playing 3 DM’s every game and picking our best XI consistently.Most Man united fans know nothing about football.

  6. Exposure 0161 says

    Leicester was robbed for Champions league spot ! If Man city was punished properly and received tougher punishment than a fine

  7. Ade BiH says

    do you mean bruno penaldes?jk, he's good

  8. Nischal Rajthala says

    Rashford lindelof shaw matic out

  9. Rajandran Ponnan says

    He is a game changer…he will be every coner pitch…very motivated player.

  10. Lilian Musyoka says

    united will destroy the champions leuge

  11. Craig R says

    Nah mate, I think you'll find that Chelsea "pipped" Leicester to that last Champions League spot. We finished 3rd.

  12. sasamykolors says

    These guys are a breath of fresh air compared to espn pundits

  13. Horse Sense says

    As he proved at the end of the match, United's most exciting youth player is Jesse Lingard.

  14. Lee Simmons says

    Top man

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