1. YourƊЄƛƬӇ 311 says

    make the full game already.All you need is to create a forum and debate about how the game could happen.Call all SH fans and let them talk each others, then make the game following their recomandations.(sorry about my bad english but i hope you get the idea)

  2. Thuc Nguyen says

    Has anyone played this game when you re high? I need to feel something extreme in my life lol

  3. Aidan Childers says

    The fear of Konami tends to create fear for the franchise.

  4. Xstorn VLC says

    Amazing but please, if it's possible, put the animations

  5. J X says

    1: need download link2: need to know how to make it work with VR3: need 1 and 2 like now

  6. Gary says

    Screw Konami

  7. ElfenBudd says

    Just finished this bad boy days ago.Congratulations man,I always wanted a legit P.T experience and this was it.After finishing it I was thinking ,,Now I got it,it's mine now,It will be archived forever'' . P.S put some cockroaches

  8. GoTi4No says

    People i recommend you to download this recreation of P.T and upload in your cloud drive, use Mega it has more space

  9. juanstudiosTM centurion says

    This game will have a mobile port?

  10. ttttkk2 says

    I am so hyped, it is on PC !

  11. DarshD Gaming says

    Thank you for this. It's awesome to see such a talented PT fan trying to revive the horror phenomenon that broke the Internet and started a revolution in survival horror. Please keep the VR optional instead of removing it completely. Horror masterpieces are better to be lived in VR!!

  12. GhostFace says

    You deserve our respect, bro.

  13. Joe A. says

    Download this quick before it's shut down

  14. IGame AORUS says

    Oh man hell yeaaaaaaa. I want this game Play Really. Let me one in my life play the game please

  15. Sakul says

    Could you please make a version for Linux aswell? (If yes, please with Vulkan)

  16. SNOW SOS says

    This was unexpected but very much wanted!

  17. Илья Муромец says


  18. inf thus says

    I hope your game supports 21:9 Resolutions…Im downloading this today

  19. inf thus says

    This is one of the reasons why I love the PC gaming community…

  20. DeadJuice says

    Konami: OWO WHAT IS THIS!?

  21. Joshua Wu says

    I deeply appreciate your effort for remaking PT with Unreal Engine 4, you're amazing!

  22. andres luna says

    luis chuoalo+rico

  23. GothicTech says

    I almost played everything related to PC P.T on my channel so I know what I will record later tonight. thanks so much for making this.

  24. Naiko says

    are you going to update it with animations, etc, or this is the final release?

  25. Ryan Brown says

    what console is it on

  26. club4ghz says

    I don't know what to do in this game it this walking simulator ?

  27. joão pedro says

    Our Heroes

  28. Nick Dim says

    Damn good job mate!Thanks for all these hours of work you put on this project!I really hope your hard work and talent will not go to waste and i also hope that this video and your game will have the fame it deserves!!!

  29. invidia44 says

    Unreal playable teaser? you people do know you been calling it playable teaser the entire time instead of calling it by its actual name Silent Hills….

  30. Kekioin says

    Yes I got it in time before konami took it down

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