USA v Netherlands – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ – THE FINAL


USA retained the FIFA Women’s World Cup™, winning it for a fourth time, after beating the Netherlands in the France 2019 Final.

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  1. Mohamed Mohamed says

    It's like I am playing fifa on amature

  2. BloxT says

    i mean it was obvious for me that U.S.A was gonna win

  3. Fernando Ortega says

    Men soccer players: Lionel Messi, CR7, neymar, Luis Suárez, Lewandosky, mbappe, salah, Paolo guerrero, etc
    Women soccer players: who ????!

  4. Dey Dey says

    Luckily they won 1988 UEFA Euro final.

  5. ramdhan _ says

    dear fifa,

    please upload full match this final

  6. Rizqi Bayumantari says

    Women USA football team is way ahead among other women football nations.
    They're like the German team in Men football.

  7. King Fayaiz says

    the final?when the match held

  8. Robert Usher says

    tfs gaming

  9. Nicola Xue says

    The USA Is the best

  10. Bob Bobby says

    FIFA women’s penalty World Cup

  11. Luca says

    1:06 Okay, maybe late to argue. BUT THAT BALL ISNT EVEN ON THE DOT.

  12. Blackchickenhobo says

    Koulo bakras

  13. Aman Pandey says

    Alex Morgan is love

  14. SportX Gaming says

    USA Women's national football team made it to the final 3 times in a row. Winning 2 times and losing 1 time. Just like Australian Men's Cricket National team.

  15. nugget says

    also this is a disgrace to Men American football

  16. nugget says

    usa is a cheat

  17. Nia Vallen Queen of Indonesia says

    Congratulations for USA from Indonesia. 🇮🇩❤🇺🇸

  18. awesome games says

    Very nice

  19. phamgamgam nguyengangam Group says

    five feet apart trailer

  20. Rosie birrell says

    So many sexist comments from men AGAIN

  21. Pelo Sombra says

    The only form USA can win a trofee

  22. Ratnamma Janardhanan says

    USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌👌👌👌👌👌💗💪

  23. Fremier Fremier says

    Indonesia Ada gak yg nonton?

  24. luonhh minhkhuy TV says

    general sam

  25. Masryy3397 says

    G E K O L O N I S E E R D……. ow wait we lost

  26. Jordan Simanjuntak says

    What's the name of that chant that was in the beginning

  27. mo salah says


  28. 206- Sea says

    Trump supporters solidified themselves as anti American when they rooted against this team

  29. Robert Wise says

    Tbh the dutch goalie was a beast! Without here the dutch would have lost higher

  30. Gerardo Vicente says

    0:36 Horse kick! damm!

  31. subscribe to breakthecurse says

    5 division men team vs USA women team world champion,?

  32. mariajose pina says


  33. Anang cr says

    What is name stadium?

  34. scorpion king says

    If it had been a men's match the Netherlands would have beaten the United States at 8:0

  35. Junayed Ahmed says

    Why USMNT can't win Men's World ? XoD! 🙂

  36. Paul says


  37. Ivan Walters says

    USA – 2023 – threepeat

  38. Filip Selakovic says

    The US women's team has one fifteenth of the talent of the men's team, and get wrecked by fifteen year old boys.

  39. usernamedefault0000 says

    U16 level

  40. Mrinalini Nair says

    You have to show the buildup to the goal, especially the Lavelle one

  41. Marc Davis says

    Every time I watch this I’m absolutely in awe of Sari’s skill as a keeper. This could have easily been an 8-0 match with any other keeper. Just brilliant.

  42. skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo says

    4th Womens World Cup for the Stars and Stripes!

  43. Román López says

    que fea que es la copa

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