1. FIBA says

    Watch more than 2,000 live games for FREE every year. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel (it's free) to get your 🏀basketball🏀 fix! ➡ http://fiba.com/subYT

  2. louie fernandez says

    Congrats:: USA!!!

  3. pantera Brasil says

    A yugoslavia tinha um Timão nessa época tbm mas não teria chance contra esse EUA de 1994.
    Só monstro.

  4. Shaila karimullah says

    FIBA Was Truly Ahead of It's time Predicting the rise of Vladimir Putin in 1999

  5. SeniorLeb says

    we need more uploads! thx

  6. Edith Rangel says


  7. عالمنا الغامض says

    Basketball Not popular in russia

  8. StandardTuning4Guitars says

    the us team always has the biggest and loudest team shirts.

  9. Free Music To Your Videos says

    just came here because i want to see shawn kemp and shaq

  10. Victor Alvarez says

    Back when NBA players proudly wore the stars and stripes instead of kneeling during the national anthem.

  11. Dennis Dovziy says

    Может снимите "движение вверх 2" на"реальных событиях"??? Или когда с профессионалами приходится играть, то не до кино))))) Поскорей бы забыть))))

  12. Сергей Бортников says

    Многие в комментариях поливают российскую сборную, играют мол плохо лучше бы вообще не выходили и при этом забывают что Россия стала серебряным призёром да ещё и в 90-е. Спасибо вам парни! За тех кто поливает наших – стыдно ((

  13. Broccoli Fan says

    I'm so glad to watch this game footage.
    There were so many underrated NBA elites.
    USA was too much for Russia in that game.
    Russia team did make USA sweat tho.

  14. Cristian Montero says


  15. lol lipop says

    Базаревич молоденькой)))

  16. self offence_1951 says


  17. self offence_1951 says


  18. JDTF says

    Estamos de acuerdo que el Dream Team de los Juegos Olímpicos de Barcelona de 1992 es mítico pero esta selección de los Estados Unidos en cuanto a juego y a momento de forma no se queda atrás. Este combinado del campeonato del mundo de 1994 consiguió 120,1 puntos de media por partido, la cifra más alta en unos mundiales o juegos olímpicos de la historia, liderados por unos imparables Shaquille O'Neal, Reggie Miller y Joe Dumars, pero con todo el equipo a un grandísimo nivel. En la final barrieron literalmente a una potente Rusia en uno de los partidos más brillantes y perfectos ofensivamente que recuerdo, logrando la escandalosa marca de 137 puntos para una diferencia brutal de 46, ambas las más elevadas de la historia ya sea en juegos olímpicos o mundiales de baloncesto. Este equipazo ha quedado opacado por el de 1992 pero por derecho propio era un verdadero Dream Team.

  19. Juan Orcial says

    One could think that is unfair watch how THE BEST of the NBA smashes the oponent like if they were teenagers, but then you remember when they enjoyed wining against amateurs american basketball players and then you forgot that.

  20. Vergel Atioan says

    Shawn Kemp!

  21. NO Sin says

    I want to see white American vs Russian.

  22. Ben TheKeeshond says

    Who is Derrick Coleman? This guy is the starting center over Shaq. Wow!

  23. Patrick Pang says

    When the Americans were Kings of WORLD BASKETBALL.

  24. Tomestis Vivian says

    Damn I forgot Isiah Thomas on the team, but he didn't dress.

  25. AS Roma says

    Where is the 1994 NBA MVP olajuwon

  26. Sergey G says

    Обделались еще до матча..

  27. washington batista de souza says

    O time russo tem bom aproveitamento no rebote ofensivo

  28. USAFO6 says

    Derrick Coleman; all-time great potential; all-time low work-ethic and desire

  29. Sheng Han says

    Back when NBA B team could still dominate… Lol

  30. Jonathan Peterson says

    Damn Isaiah went from missing the dream team in 92, to coaching it in 94 lol. Shoulda put himself on the roster.

  31. Michael David says

    The Russians look like a pretty good High School team .

  32. Maverick Salaum says

    This USA team is so efficient on the offensive end, I mean, they're knocking every shot, on their every possession

  33. m3llizzo says

    Usa team machine 💪❤

  34. MountRebound says

    Damn never heard of derrick coleman until seeing this game. He looks quick, has handles, passing ability, could run the floor, and has a jumpshot. Not surprised injuries hindered him because he definitely looked like an up and coming superstar.

  35. savo vujasinović says

    Amerikanci su uvek bili govna

  36. Jay Taleon says

    USA head coach doesn't make a sub until 10 mins..
    he was lucky he coached a strong team..

  37. Elie Fosso says

    Why in Toronto?

  38. Роман Шомба says

    фу бля ну и пазорище

  39. Domaci Filmovi says


  40. CloveHitch Club says

    23 April 2020

  41. bosilkof says

    Shaq was taking the piss with these mofos

  42. Emir says

    27:55 SHAQ LMAO

  43. M o o s e says

    This team was basically ass besides shaq

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