Using Music to Alter Time Perception in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


This video will examine how tempo, complexity and tonality contribute to how fast time is perceived by the player in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Presented at the 2019 North American Conference on Video Game Music.

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  1. Darien Sokolov says

    This was an excellent video and it was very clear

  2. Ed Orman says

    Very interesting breakdown, thank you for putting it together!

  3. Luke Mileto says

    A friend of mine recommended this video and I think you deserve more subscribers :DKeep up the good work

  4. Chickenpoop says

    100% agree. Cool video, keep it up.

  5. Andy Ingram says

    This is fascinating. Thank you for posting, I have shared it with all my buddies! Also cool that this is Canada!

  6. acid/swim says


  7. RetroFonse says

    That explains why sometimes i feel i played a lot in short periods of time, thanks for the explanation and for the effort!

  8. Johnmighty;D says

    nice video, very informative and gives a fresh perspektive ty

  9. elletwo says

    The psychological angle of video games, game design, etc, is something I love. This is excellent, hope there's more to come!

  10. RapperGerste says

    Thanks for the very informative video, clearly a lot of effort was put into it! Hoping to see more of it

  11. The Dream Traveler says

    It's a great video and really interesting. I just had a really hard time listening to it due to the way you talked in this. Sorry if it sounds mean. I know you're not a professional when it comes to narrating. But would you be able to try and improve the way you talk? Something about the tone bothers me. You sound extremely artificial when you pronounce things. I'm having a hard time explaining this so I hope you understand. You don't have to change how you speak but I'd be very appreciative if you tried to improve on that. I definitely want to see more videos about this kind of stuff though so thank you. Hopefully I didn't come off too harsh.

  12. Mofinator says

    This shows how amazingly talented Japanese video game composers truly are. Thank you for this well researched and interesting analysis. Also great work on visualizing complex music theory so that anyone can at least follow your points. 🙂

  13. Dan Golding - Video Essays says

    This is really fantastic research, well done.

  14. Gr4pefru1t says

    "Lost Woods" is comprised of the set [0, 3 5 7] (G=0). There is only one pitch set transposition, that being T0.

  15. Shuaizu says

    I'm sorry, but whoever hired this person to do the voice-over needs to find someone else. Absolutely zero emotion, no volume, and honestly just no interest for the topic being discussed. She needs to be replaced.

  16. Bit Bandit says

    I absolutely loved hearing the labyrinth music in this game, it really enhances those locations' moods. It was fun hearing this analysis of the song. Would love to see more of these videos

  17. CureMilky says

    nice video!

  18. TDCascade says

    This is super fascinating. Well done!

  19. Soapy Dishwater says

    This blows my mind- I never would have thought there were so many different factors that can go into a melody. Like strong and weak notes, atonality, etc. Awesome video.

  20. ifeelverygood says

    This was absolutely fascinating and also shows the level of polish present in Nintendo titles. The level of detail in Breath of the Wild is truly astonishing.

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