Uwatch U8 Smartwatch for Android Devices – Unboxing & Hands-on


Uwatch U8 is a nice smartwatch that connects to your Android devices via Bluetooth. With a price tag of $70 plus worldwide free shipping at you can get a good companion to your Android devices.

Compatiable for Android 4.0 and up.

Once you install the Smartwatch app in your phone and connect via Bluetooth various functions are supported, such as Bluetooth, dialer, messaging, call log, notifications, music, camera remote control, stopwatch and so on.

App can be downloaded at

Note: We do not handle any order issues here, do contact our customer service directly please.

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  1. Carey101 says

    it wont work for S3

  2. KoSLoW27 says

    thumbs up for hilarious music !!!

  3. bozo de niro says

    Awful and useless noise for a soundtrack! Why the hell would I want to listen to your annoying music while trying to grasp a technical illustration? Why dontcha hire an English voice and narrate the damn thing? WTF is wrong with you people?

  4. Sri Kanth says

    hi does it read pdf, notepad files

  5. Kendrick J Glover says

    works perfect with my gal s3

  6. aabbggtt says

    Why does your interface look different than mine?

  7. Chaos Chick says

    why does the stupid Fucking app keep saying "sorry, apk exception, will be exit." so frustrated!!!!!!!!!

  8. ExpressGrid Hub says

    Getting this tommorow!

  9. Reuben Smith says

    Mine won't stop playing the welcome music on both the watch and phone even whe a cal has connected and can't find anywhere to stop it PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  10. Imran Ijaz says

    Why i go for Uwatch U8 Smartwatch when i have Blocks Modular Smartwatch?

  11. Brayan Fernandez says

    Are you able to reply messages?

  12. Davis says

    How do i force restart this thing? it suddenly hangs there

  13. Charlie Beagle says

    No work for iPhone ?

  14. thecoder101 says

    Does this watch work with the Galaxy 4mini ?

  15. Belinda Burrows says

    Thank you so much for your help I did first time watching your video I would would like to thank you

  16. Jonathan Abram says

    Does this work with LG Optimus7

  17. Marco Magalhães says

    mine u8 doesnt vibrate on messages and notifications? any suggestion to solve it? it vibrate fine on calls

  18. Kevin De Cuyper says

    mine didnt even start… is there a way to reset it or somthing?

  19. NextWorldVR says

    HEY Panda,  What is the little piece of Metal For?  I have what looks to be the same watch. called Ciyoyo 2014 U8 Android Smart Watch,  but when I go into the Setting, there are only 4 entries!!  It is not scrollable, and there doesn't seem to be any way to even see a lot of the screens like About screen etc, not there at all!,  Any idea how I might update the firmware or something?  THANKS! 

  20. RShaun Dave says

    My nephew's cut off after twenty minutes and won't turn back on.

  21. peter gains says

    how do you connect to your phone, it won't let me

  22. M21 says

    @Panda Will does this work with ios?

  23. Jackal says

    Does this work with samsung galaxy spica i5700

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