V for Vendetta | Behind The Scenes: The Gunpowder Plot | Warner Bros. Entertainment


Discover the #BehindTheScenes true history of #GuyFawkes, the British revolutionary that inspired the vigilante known as V in #VForVendetta.

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About V for Vendetta:
From the Wachowskis and Joel Silver, the masterminds behind The Matrix trilogy, comes another intriguing, action-packed fantasy-thriller. Great Britain has become a fascist state. Now, a shadowy freedom fighter known only as “V” (#HugoWeaving) begins a violent guerrilla campaign to destroy those who have embraced totalitarianism. In his quest to liberate England from its oppressive ideological chains, “V” recruits a young woman (#NataliePortman) he’s rescued from the secret police to join him on an epic adventure to execute a seemingly impossible task.

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V for Vendetta | Behind The Scenes: The Gunpowder Plot | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warner Bros. Entertainment

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  1. Jennifer swift says

    votre vidéo est très bonne et bonne à recommander à tout le monde. ci-dessous, j'ai aussi quelque chose de bon à essayer:

    pas besoin d'hésiter pour y entrer et y trouver du plaisir.

  2. Igor Schmidlapp says

    Should I wear my V costume to the polls to vote in person?

  3. Mayo Baluyut says

    Great film. Great graphic novel. 2006 was such a great time to be idealistic. I was 22 then.

  4. A Hobo Hippie Manchild says

    For all my fellow bros out there: Remember, Remember it's gonna be No Nut November.

  5. Believe says

    Top movie

  6. Old Gangster says

    One of my favorite movie ❤️🎥

  7. Jesus and The Devil says

    https://youtu.be/0vFLRu1h0NI WAP GMIX 🐰👅💋🙏💯‼️🔞🤟🔞

  8. Jobs mine says

    Man, this film was awesome. Truly brilliant work from DC and Warner Bros. And to some degree it's more than relevant to the present day. Christians are persecuted today for what they believe in, Media are controlled by rich liberals to force their hidden agenda unto the citizens by fabricating lies and twisting the truth. They create fear by instilling the COVID-19 monger to destroy the economy and control the freedom of society. Truly sickening times…. the people need to revolt and take their freedom and country back. Just remember the 3rd of November… either votes will be stolen or installed. Corruption at it's finest. Wake up and see that the media is the enemy of the state.

  9. ShallowDepression says

    This film speaks volumes right now. The wolves are at the door, Covid is a smokescreen for Agenda 21/30.

  10. empty garden full hell says

    This is my favourite movie of all time ❤️

  11. Igor Schmidlapp says

    2020: "Remember, remember, the 3rd of November…" 😉

  12. Torben Bruhns sein Sohn ➐ says


  13. DRnotz says

    Special features are disappearing and it needs to stop! These are fantastic!



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