V5 vs SN Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Summer Season 2020 W8D5 Victory Five vs Suning by Onivia


V5 vs SN Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Summer Season 2020 W8D5 Victory Five vs Suning by Onivia
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  1. Hướng dẫn viên du lịch Tourguide Vietnam says

    leesin jhin carry game 2, camile zoe game 3

  2. Ninh Phamvan says

    2:37 best smite

  3. game reb says

    you know right that v5 weiwei , biubiu and samd is borowed from sunning and they can take them again ? their borowed contract end in august

  4. Lê Hoàn says

    I can't find a better LeeSin than the one in Game 2. Beautiful plays

  5. Hòa Đặng says

    14:30 now that was clean

  6. truong Giang Pham says


  7. Thanh Nguyễn says

    sofm no1 jungle LPL !

  8. Erik Nguyen says

    Why are they banning renekton? Does nobody play quinn in lpl?

  9. fuse midori says

    So now 4 teams are titled "PPGOD SLAYER"

  10. Quan Pham says

    If anyone noticed, there is a trend that World champion can make comeback plays either through superior teamfighting when behind or sneaky plays that catch the other team off guard. Am I the only one seeing that quality in Suning? It even seems that they are trying to throw and practice it? There is no way they have that few 2 0 series for being that strong in the summer split. Suning could actually win world!

  11. Abigail Sy says

    Suning was lucky in this game they almost lose this game i still think v5 is the better team

  12. hien van says

    7 trận win liên tiếp rồi waoooo ???

  13. Victor Liu says

    BaoLan > Sofm

  14. Hoang Long Nguyen says

    Game 1 thua vì con Ryze bị động quá, không thể tạo áp lực ban đầu như Zoe đc

  15. Văn Hải Nguyễn says

    Sofm vietnam is da best

  16. yến munz says


  17. Hùng Hồ says

    I think Angel use Zoe quite good. Why don't ban Zoe

  18. brian li says

    Mole is legit inting

  19. Toxic Guy says

    11:13 Perfect insec 10/10

  20. Liam McKenna says

    7:53 It didn't kill him but it was still an amazing shot

  21. vo hoang linh says

    18p k đẩy luôn mà về là sao?

  22. Tài Nguyễn Trí says

    Sofm very well

  23. fede fernandez says

    Estos equipos ni pican, vengan de a uno

  24. Nam Bui The says

    16:56 ad thanh tẩy k delay

  25. Riyadhus Saliheen says

    That sneaky baron play and lee sin kick at ashe on game 2 was the game changer and the reason why they won this series.

  26. Arnas islovely says

    As stated before pploser

  27. Yuuki Kasuga says


  28. Sky Summer says

    why this is not English cast ?

  29. Sơn Nguyễn Quang says

    Ván 3 mn để kda thì sofm k nổi bật, nhưng để ý chỉ số cs, farm cho rừng bạn thọt luôn

  30. Thái Hồ says

    Này mới gọi là sofm chứ

  31. Olaf Schol says

    MAD > V5

  32. Jonathan Ekat says

    would love to see the female chinese casters.

  33. IMT Fanboy says

    both of these teams are super scary, cant wait for playoffs!

  34. RusSt Calm says

    Hay quá sofm ơi 90% vào playoff rồiiiiiiiiii

  35. Phượng Vy says

    Hay quá ?

  36. gh0stbone hiim says

    Jhin game 2 carry so amazing !Jhin game 3 is different, Huanfeng MVp all game

  37. Nofear Today says

    How clean is this Camille :0 still don’t know why would anyone pick Wukong in pro play. I don’t see anything good on this pick except his engage.

  38. Lam Tien says

    Camile and zoe carry game 3 so hard. Graves have some big mistakes in game 3

  39. Duy Bùi Đức says


  40. Long Huỳnh says

    Nice sn

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