Vapor Reacts #1156 | FNAF GAME THEORY "FNAF, We Solved Golden Freddy!" The Game Theorists REACTION!!


[FNAF] FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S GAME THEORY “FNAF, We Solved Golden Freddy!” by The Game Theorists REACTION!!

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RIOT – Overkill

#fnaf #wecolvedgoldenfreddy #fnafgametheory

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  1. Lxnnzee says

    If Michael didn’t die this would’ve never happend

  2. CleetusFan101 says

    he protecche attaccbut more importantlyhE aLwAyS cOmEs BaCc

  3. TeamEclair says

    Reminder: Crying Child is William Afton’s youngest son

  4. MonsterJack says

    make a live video the new fnaf game trailer is going to come out

  5. Eddy Ramos says

    and if william is in hell in ultumate coustome night why springtrap and scrptrap their cause they both has mr afton in them?

  6. Eddy Ramos says

    so golden freddy has two sides the vensful sprit in one side and casidy in the other side

  7. Eddy Ramos says

    but isint golden freddy a boy and a girl?

  8. Shirajul Islam says

    Forgive me from what I must aubadabado

  9. James Vernon says

    Audible is a App where it reads the book for you tired of reading all the fazbear fright books well you can listen to all the fazbears fright books with Audible you just have to listen to Matt

  10. Chase Sullivan says

    He said it himself “I ALWAYS COME BACK”

  11. 1Binds says

    When you hear your name being used and your like "it's me" lol

  12. guilbert catalan says

    VAPOR keep Calling Chris JakeME: plss Chris Plss

  13. Hyper Edge says

    Reaction salvaged sfm by mrbreino,song by NateWantsToBattle

  14. ¿ :D ¿ says

    If spring trap have a cropes inside him soo is that avangeval Spirit brick him back to life again wild he's getting spring locked?

  15. Dark Humour says

    meanwhile us "Bite Victim = Shadow Freddy" believers stand awkwardly in the corner…unacknowledged by Matpat 😢

  16. azham kader says

    reaction idea: Hello vapor can you please react to the fnaf song Purple i know it's an old song but it is so good and amazing lyrics and animation so can you please react to it ?

  17. jasper jones says

    what's the background song during the intro called?

  18. Gabriel Vito Maheswara says

    yay awesome

  19. Lorenz Neal Juayno says

    Vaporthegamer (react fnaf save me by spring ward)

  20. Mahyar Movie N says

    hello mr vapor.I have a friend who has made a great fan game.
    he try to make 30 minutes of animation in less than a month, hoping to make progress as soon as possible.
    Please illuminate a world for others with a react.

  21. BAYG says

    hello,so uh a friend of mine really needs your and mostly everyone's help,he has created a "fangame"(which isn't a fangame but still)that needs to get the attention of Scott or more people,here is a link to it's main full series that explains the lore,it's in different language but trust me it's just like,really good,the plan is that if Vapor possibly one day reacts to this maybe people will start noticing it and maybe Scott will find out about it,so please,show this some love,this thing is a potential bomb,thank you :D

  22. miguelife gaming says

    The theory actually nice

  23. ACYT says

    #wecolvedgoldenfreddy LOL#wesolvedgoldenfreddy

  24. Doris Adams says

    The curly black hair and wearing a mask is Montgomery Kaiser

  25. shrekthe1st A says

    11:14Ayeee I made it into a vapor video wassup

  26. dannygaming 2020 says

    Vapor can you react to this video

  27. me me says

    Why is the crying child want to kill his brother

  28. Dim Reddi says


  29. Kj Howe says

    But afton didnt die o no hes waiting

  30. Kj Howe says

    And as such made a literal nightmare

  31. Kj Howe says

    So he still wanted revenge

  32. Kj Howe says

    Alligator aka old man consequences has lived in that siut for many many years same with golden but Golden was younger than old man

  33. Kj Howe says

    And alligator boy is also his brother same with golden freddy

  34. Kj Howe says

    Their his brothers

  35. Kj Howe says

    Afton and spring trap aren't william

  36. Kj Howe says

    U see this was after the fazbears entertainment

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