1. Gus Althorp says

    Gianni You're sorely missed

  2. Arshdeep Singh says

    osm collection everytime 😘👌

  3. thebobby says

    Sometimes, simpler is better – the dress at 2:00 for example.

  4. My Goldmine says

    Check Mania! Love London Fashion Week! I got to see an amazing collection at LFW but it would be a dream to see the Versus Versace show one day!

  5. Oumar DiAlLo says

    I love how diverse the choice of models is becoming

  6. Joy C. Manguerra says

    I like the red, white & black combo

  7. Julio Gonzalez says

    name of the first song

  8. alexandria nguyen says

    wow. watch our channels: 1. Australian parakeets enjoys French music 2. Australian parakeets sings 3. La Jolla beach

  9. mariana sweiss says

    Ropa común y modelos no conocidas..horrible

  10. Simone Francisca Teixeira Dias says

    O estilo tropical destaca a calça boca de sino e o jeans um desfile moderno e histórico.2017

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