Vic Health Minister becomes emotional while discussing situation at stricken aged care facility


Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos has become emotional as she spoke about the distressing situation at Melbourne’s St Basil’s aged care facility, where several people have died.

Ms Mikakos, who is a Greek-Australian said she has found last week particularly distressing as the state experiences further outbreaks across the aged care sector.

“This is a facility that is very close of course to many members of the Greek community and I know they’ve been particularly distressed to see the rising toll of deaths at that facility,” Ms Mikakos said.

The minister took a moment to gather herself before continuing.

Image: News Corp Australia

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  1. phil gibbs says

    This feminist is a mass murderer, responsible for scaring people to death.

  2. alex kelly says

    Go straight to jail bitch

  3. vrnc M says

    The Governments own website in March show the vulnerable were older Australians. Instead of locking-up healthy people the Age Care facilities and its residents should have been a PRIORITY.

  4. getl0st says

    She's just sad that they haven't Murdered more old people plus she probably just saw the video of the American Doctors telling us how this is all BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

  5. Orion Silverstar 191 says

    Leave her alone…..we are all human.

  6. Ben Ellett says

    How fake are the tears lol?

  7. Oljunka Puvelkrag says

    Hah! What a performance. If she was so touched by the plight of elderly people then WHY didn't she manage the COVID quarantine hotels far better than what she did. INSTEAD she got into a fight with the police minister and they could not work together. This is total BS. She is a fraud, a deceiver, a liar and shown to be a complete incompetent. She is more interested in protecting the interests of the unions (as she demonstrated with her fight with the police minister) than she is of the interests of the elderly. This is a pantomime, a performance. BS narrative.

  8. jon jon says

    Sooo whats with the aged care "settings" title….

  9. Don’t Use Big Words says

    A whole heap of ridiculous comments

  10. Lightning6050 says

    Please help pass this on.At the very end the doctor says it's a fake virus.We are basically treating a cold that effects the weak.

  11. l was wrong about everyhting says

    POS politician

  12. Fortunato Latella says


  13. James Kalcoff says

    Where the fuck did they did they dig her up from, SKYNEWS hack, crocodile tears and bullshit

  14. J S says

  15. Rich Richards says

    Life in chamgsha looks normal.

  16. Ken G says

    Top Leader & great job done by our elected leaders stepping in to pull the greedy private sector back into line. Public sector 5 – Private Sector 700 plus!? Wtf! It's disgraceful that profits are put before adequate care! Get in there & get the job done Jenny & Andrew & let's hope the Royal Commission into the Aged Care Sector flushes this out so it can never happen again.

  17. J S says

  18. Stringy-bark creek says


  19. Geoff Dein says

    Quit your position woman

  20. Therese Nydahl says

    I thought Australia had it under control after dealing with the cruise ship mess, what happened?We had the very same problem, we thought elderly homes were prepared but they totally misshandled it so we lost a lot of elderly citizens before their time.

  21. The Phantoms Guest says

    She's crying coz she knows this is a freaking hoax!

  22. kalidesu says

    Can't handle the heat step down, let someone else that can… Dan!

  23. Aussie Q says

    Everywhere else around the world knows the truth.. Why are you siding with the Obama government? We know. Nothing can stop what is coming,

  24. Ashley Osborne says

    Stand down now!

  25. Ultima MIc says

    Wuhan Dan and his Commie Kung Flu Crew did this to you VICTORIA!!! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!

  26. Chico R says

    Everyone that loses someone  to covid-19 should demand an "AUTOPSY" to get to the bottom of this "Control-Demic".

  27. Lightning77305 says

    This is one of the beasts that are keeping this disaster going, filthy gangsters the lot of them.

  28. R Jordan says

    Yes 90 year old dying so young it’s a tragedy and we should pay for it over the next 25 years so they can live another 6 months

  29. Jenny Smith says

    I believe its an ACT….They don't Care and all of a Sudden Andrews saying Condolences every Press Conference i don't believe it…BACK in the Beginning WAY BACK in March/April ANDREWS said" You dont know what we are capable of doing"…He was saying Comply or else…..Hope they dont Murder the Elderly like in N.Y. and other Bolshevik States….Andrews is a Marxist Commie so i expect anything from them…Sutton etc They wanted the Numbers Ramped up ALL OF A SUDDEN 769 CASES in AGED CARE OUT OF NOWHERE???????????????????

  30. Simon Brown says

    You have to question the fitness of a health minister who tears up over a handful of elderly people dying. Of course it’s sad, but imagine a Oncologist who breaks down every time a patient with cancer dies. They’d be useless. I suspect her tears are self-pity anyway because she knows what a monumental mess she’s made.


    the truth is beginning to get through

  32. sue parkes says

    Daniel Andrews has a great deal to answer for but of course he won't!

  33. Teresa Correale says

    Facial expressions and the eyes says lies. Those emotions of the Health Minister is an Academy award winner! By lying to the Australian population about deaths regarding Covid & using scare tactics is called TREASON. The government knows the real statistics. Stop including patients that have died naturally (old age) or heart attacks etc…and saying that they had covid. So, once the real statistics are revealed, the Greek Community would be So Peed off with her because Europeans don't like LIES. Your Health Minister would be a disgrace to the Greek Community which Victoria has a lot of.

  34. T T says

    pissweak put a man in charge

  35. Pete Blanchette says

    Taken steps TODAY? What you didn't look around the world to see that the average death age was 71???? And your the Health Minister. Are you a joke??????

  36. Vinnie B. says

    HCQ+ZPAK+ZINC not only cures COVID19 it also work as a preventative measure

  37. Pete Blanchette says

    Give them hydroxychloroquine and lets see how they do. Cheap medicine, but seems they don't want to go that route. They want the expensive Vaccine that will kill millions. Remember, Vaccine companies CAN NOT be held liable for their Vaccines.

  38. Jen Pen says


  39. Aaron Cincotta says

    As well as The Minister Should be. Repent!

  40. Lori says

    This is what guilt looks like!

  41. legion hunter says

    Alligator tears

  42. Axeholme says

    Incompetent and unsuitable for the position she holds.

  43. Joanne says

    Read please , real doc transcripts , social media are deleting the video

  44. Luke K says

    Why aren't the sick people immediately taken to the hospitals. Almost no one should be dying in aged care homes during this CONJOB-19 plandemic. They are killing these elderly to add to the CONJOB-19 stats

  45. bruce taylor says

    Crocadile tears are all these Marxist scum cry, lock them up for Negligence leading to death, especially this pathetic excuse for a Human Being Mikakos

  46. Nelson Lighthouse says

    Because she's understanding her culpability in this debacle…

  47. Barry Julian Waldron says

    What happened to Van Diemen?Captain Cook’s nightmare?

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